5 Effective Sex Tips For First Night

Sex Tips For First NightSex is an integral part of any relationship and the only way to keep alive the spark not only among lovers but also among partners bonded by marriage. Sexual attraction plays a key role in defining the love and fondness among two people and it is very significant to develop this without any flaws. Satisfaction in this arena of a relationship is required for a strong and healthy marriage.

There are many cultures where arrange marriages are quite prevalent and people tend to open up to their partners in an intimate way only after the vows. This means that sex on first night is more of a challenge which you need to get through at any cost. To help you in knowing about how to go about achieving great sexual experience on the first night and make it equally memorable for your partner, this guide will help you. It lists down some effective tips for sex on first night that will make it all the more interesting and satisfying for both of you. Check them out:

Sex Tips for First Night 

Keep Time In Hand

Keep Time In HandOne of the best tips that you should definitely follow is to keep good amount of time in hand. This will help you go slow with the entire process and make things comfortable for your partner as well.

Time frame can bring hurdles in your experience as well as that of your lover. The entire night should be kept free for the purpose to have some great and enjoyable sex.

Do Not Over Expect

Over the board expectations from your partner might lead to disappointment and also dissatisfaction in the first night sexual experience. Keep a low key. High expectations can put a lot of pressure on your partner as well as on you and prevent you from having a wonderful time.

Since the wedding day is quite a hectic one, your partner might be tired and stressed and not their usual self. Exhaustion can lower the sexual stamina to a great extent. So try and expect less on the first night.

Communication Is Important

Communication Is ImportantOne of the tips that is very much needed for some good sex on the first night is to have an open communication. Being open about the way you talk to your partner will take you a long way in getting through the goals.

Also, you can try and talk to them the night before the first night about sex. This might help both of you and give better outcomes.

Avoid Sex Toys

Sex toys might help you make the experience interesting but then it is something that your partner might not be comfortable with. Using it on the first night is not a requisite as you are already having a novel experience. However, even if you do plan to use them, make sure you buy them together after a good discussion.

Prepare It well

Use CondomsKeep yourself prepared. For example to create the mood you need to create the environment as well as keep the protection handy. Music, lubricants or anything else that you think you might need, make sure you have them on the first night. This will make the sensual journey smooth for you.

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