Eating Disorder In Teenagers- Symptoms And Recovery

teen eating disorderToday we are seeing eating disorders more often in teenagers than adults.One of the reasons being teenagers becoming more and more conscious about their looks and appearance specially when they are undergoing hormonal changes, to look perfect in social gatherings, in the race to always succeed and to look fit when compared to others.

They are in constant pressure where they feel that they are loosing out on things and everything is out of their control. One has to make them understand that its not always about looks and appearance but to see the inner self. Eating disorders would involve one being low on self esteem, self control, and thoughts of being overweight resulting in ANOREXIA and BULIMIA.

It is a kind of a psychological disorder that captures one’s mind. It starts with dieting but gradually it becomes one’s habit and becomes a part of their routine to continue such restrictive food intake and is sometimes accompanied with behavioral changes such as lot of exercising, starving, intake of diet pills and etc.

Speaking about facts anorexia and bulimia is more common in young girls and women when compared to men and till know there hasn’t been any definite factors or causes which proves that why such disorder takes place. It might be due to psychological, family pressure, society, etc but researches are being conducted and possible reasons for such disorders are being explored.

However, these disorders can also occur in teenagers when their parents itself are conscious about their looks ,weight and appearance so in that case you perceive what you you see and that is what they learn from their parents who constantly shows their disliking towards their own body. Another reason being family pressure where a female child is asked not to eat much, to be more conscious about her figure and weight and on the other hand the male child is forced to eat so that he becomes strong.

Therefore ,this causes a mental and psychological pressure on the female to look good which in turn becomes part of her daily routine causing eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia without even realizing the after effects which may cause in low blood pressure ,joint pains, hairloss, regular stomachaches, loss of periods.

This is not where it ends, eating disorders may lead to a risk of heart-attack with several other problems like kidney failure which might even cause death.

Symptoms Of Eating Disorder In Teenagers

One may notice Physical changes like drastic loss in weight, very slow heart beat, low blood pressure and low level of sugar. Teenagers with eating disorder also become pale and have rough hair and nails, fluctuation in menstrual cycle and hair loss are among the symptoms that are apparent and should be treated right away for help. Emotional side effects of eating disorders in teenagers are depression and anxiety.

They tend to withdraw from society keeping quiet most often and do not like to interact with anybody. However one can recover from eating disorders. The feeling of isolation can be too dramatic causing them to take life threatening measures like committing suicide. Bulimia Nervosa patients show potassium loss through vomiting, dry and white flaked skin, swelling on the face due to retention of water and constipation. Teenagers who stop eating are very secretive. They don’t like to share anything with family or friends.


It’s not that one cannot recover from such a disorder but one has to be mentally strong to admit such a problem. With proper treatment and supervision it is possible to cure such a problem. Persons affected has to have that confidence, self belief, support from their family and friends specially for those who are afraid of gaining weight, needs much more attention.

The journey towards recovery requires careful steps to be taken not only by the person so affected but also his/her family who should support the person at each and every turn. It is often seen that persons with such disorders are very skeptical in telling people about their disorder and often find themselves in very uncomfortable situations. However,it is adviced to speak up about it when one knows that he/she is suffering from such a disorder.

Go and speak about it with someone whom you are comfortable speaking.Tell them about your problems and one will definitely see a good change in their behavior and eating habits once they are ready to go for the therapy.Communicating your problem with someone close to you might be a little difficult but it is the first step towards recovery and asking for help,finding out a specialist in this field who can help you cure and come out if this disorder and finally chalking out recovery plans.

It should be a combination of medical and family therapy which helps in faster recovery and making one realize that one should love their body unconditionally and not to torture it with the ideas of strict dieting and taking pills and hurting oneself.In today’s world it is very important for the parents to communicate with their child and to let them know how much they care about them.

They should be motivated and encouraged to stand up and ask for help and support when you know that its not easy to give up your old habits.Its very important to list down all positive qualities in you and face all challenges. Things you like about your body, things you want to do with your body, wearing clothes which makes you feel your comfortable and etc.

Imagine how an eating disorder can have such damaging impact on a teenager. It is shocking to see and read about millions of teenagers all around the globe becoming victims of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Inspired by fashion models and fashion icons, girls in their teens start to imitate to look like them. Even the fashion industry took up this cause by banning the “size zero” models. Why starve and live your life?

One can look beautiful the way you are and not by stopping oneself or curbing the temptation to eat just because you want to look like someone else. Parents and friends play a big role in guiding their teens to the path of healthy living. As a human being, all we can do is to respect people suffering from such disorders in order to make them feel accepted the way they are. This might help them to switch back to normal life.

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