Easy Tips And Precautions For Having Safe Sex

Easy Tips And Precautions For Having Safe SexSex is an important part of every couple’s life. However, it becomes very important to make sure that it’s safe and harmless for both of them especially the woman. In many cases it has been seen that unhygienic or insecure sex has proved to be fatal. There are so many new diseases that can now be associated with sex.

Therefore it is very imperative to ‘play safe’ with your partner. Not only will it be beneficial for them but is equally advantageous for you. The unwanted pregnancies and sexual intercourse diseases are some of the major problems that can be totally prevented in case of safe sex.

Although most of us are aware about the term ‘safe sex’, nobody really knows how to go about it and what are the measures that should be followed. This guide will help you understand and know some healthy tips for safe sexual intercourse. So if you want to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases then follow these whenever you play around-

Tips for Safe and Healthy Sex

Though there is a minimal risk in all forms of sex apart from masturbation, these simple tips will help you keep the threat away to a great extent-

Use of Contraceptives

Contraceptives especially condoms play a very significant role when it comes to safe sex. A lot of you are in a habit to avoid the use of condoms during sexual intercourse. Understand the importance of contraceptives. This will keep you secured from a lot of diseases as well as pregnancies. This is especially advisable if you don’t have a permanent partner. Keep a track that the guy is protected with the condom in the entire act of sex or else it might lead to trouble and serious repercussions.

Easy Tips And Precautions For Having Safe Sex

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Nowadays, women condoms are also available in the market that can be tried. There is no harm in taking extra protection. Nothing can be much safer and fortified than the use of condoms. So go for it!

Go for Petting!

Petting is one form of foreplay that is much safer than an intercourse. It holds minimum risks when it comes to diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Petting with hands or mouth, it is highly recommended for those who are still in a relationship and wants to get intimate with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Petting with the mouth can still have a number of problems attached to it, but then if compared with unwanted pregnancy, it is an ideal option. Petting with the mouth is famously known as oral sex.

Washing and Cleaning Procedures

One of the most obvious but most ignored tips for safe sex is cleaning and washing. You will have to know how important it is to clean yourself thoroughly before and after having sex. Make sure the genital areas are also washed properly pre and post sexual intercourse. This will help in hygienic sex to a great extent. Also, this is one of those tips that doesn’t call for much effort and is easy to follow. But remember! Taking a shower after having sex is as imperative as cleaning yourself before any sexual activity.

Avoid Alcohol Before Having Sex

Researches show that a person becomes more prone to sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant when they are high on alcohol. You might tend to have unprotected sex when drunk. So it is advisable to avoid alcohol before having sexual intercourse.

Along with alcohol, drugs are also one of the major causes that lead to unsafe sex and lead to serious impacts. Therefore, these are the two items that are a big no-no if you are aiming towards having safe and sound sex.

Casual Sex is a Big No-No

Avoid casual sex as much as possible. Try and get intimate to only those partners whom you are serious about. The relationship should have a certain amount of depth before you plan to have sexual intercourse. Changing partners and casual sex are two of the major reasons that lead to unsafe sex and cause sexual diseases and pregnancies in many of the couples.

Also, where casual sex is concerned people are not so serious about the safety of their partners and generally avoid using contraceptives or other safety measures. This habit has especially been seen in many men. So all you women out there! Ignore the concept of casual sex as much as possible.

Birth Control Measures

Along with the use of condoms the other birth control measures is for the woman to follow. In case you don’t want the sex to result in pregnancy, make sure you adhere to some birth controlling pills available in the medical shops. However, these birth control pills have some side effects on the body, so it is advisable to consult a professional before you opt for it. Once they give you the green signal, you can follow this tip as one of the most significant ones where safe sex is concerned.

Start Believing in Monogamy!

Monogamy means relationship with one partner. Once you start believing in this concept, it will help you a great deal to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Abstinence is the keyword that prevents one from having unsecured sex. It simply means having sexual activity with only one person.

Oral Contraceptives

Another form of contraception that you can adhere to for safe sex is oral contraceptive pills. This is easily handy in the medical shops and helps in preventing unwanted pregnancies. The effectiveness of the pill is approximately 95 percent! All you have to do is make sure the usage procedure is followed properly.

Keep a Track of the Menstrual Cycle

This tip is especially suggested for women to have safer sex and avoid pregnancies. It is very important to monitor the menstrual cycle and avoid sex when the cycle is at its peak. This is the time when you as a woman are most prone to pregnancies and diseases.

This is one of the steps that are quite traditional and successful. However, it is extremely difficult for those women to keep a track who have inconsistent cycles. Consult your gynecologist today to see how you can regularize your menstrual periods.

These tips do not come with a 100 percent guarantee of securing you from diseases and unwanted pregnancies. But as it is rightly said “prevention is always better than cure”, so follow these tips to keep the risk at bay.

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