Easy Remedies To Lower/Stabilize Blood Pressure!

Easy Remedies To Lower/Stabilize Blood Pressure!Blood pressure or hypertension as it is sometimes called, might seem like some common ailment, but if neglected it can affect health drastically.

Considering the contemporary lifestyle and the struggle for survival, high blood pressure seems to have become as common as cough and cold. Earlier, only the late middle aged and older people suffered from this, but in the present age, even young people seem to be falling prey to it.

It’s not very difficult to find out the symptoms. If you seem to be constantly gripped by dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, concussions or palpitations, then it’s high time to get your blood pressure checked. Usually, normal blood pressure is around 120/80 and if it gradually increases from that level, then one needs to take measures to stabilize it and bring it down to normal. If you are facing similar concerns, then read on to gather some useful tips on how to control your blood pressure.

Well Balanced Diet

Eat a well-balanced healthy diet. If you have crossed your 20s, start eating sensibly. Cut down on foods that cause high cholesterol. Instead, include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Cut down on all the junk food, including pizzas, burgers, chips and other fried stuff as it contains large amount of salt which can damage your health.

Stay Fit and Healthy

This is a very important step, not only to control blood pressure, but also to prevent other diseases. Take time out daily for working out. Health is indeed wealth, so follow a good fitness regime backed up by a good healthy diet. Health is indeed wealth, so follow a good fitness regime, backed up by a good, healthy diet. You will find that more than half of your problems will be solved just by following these two golden rules.

You can also include yoga and meditation, as the benefits are innumerable. Obesity is also another common cause of high blood pressure. If you are obese then you need to put more effort to shed the extra pounds and to move onto the path of a healthier lifestyle. Aerobics is a proven weight reducer so include a session of aerobics every week.

Keep Stress at bay

One of the most common causes of high blood pressure is undoubtedly stress. No matter how hard life seems, try to keep stress under control. You can try to de-stress in whichever way that relaxes your body and mind. If you are short-tempered, then you are most likely to be one of the easiest of preys. So keep your cool and try various methods to keep anger at bay.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

If you cannot imagine life without having liquor, then make sure you take it in very limited quantities. People who are alcoholic are more prone to blood pressure. Make sure you reduce its consumption drastically. Binge drinking can cause a lot of damage to your health. Binge means that one day you consume four to five drinks at one go and then go without drinks for a few days and then consume it in large quantities again. Avoid this and instead track your drinking and slowly reduce or even get over the habit gradually. Whatever you do, remember to maintain or follow a stable pattern.

Reduce the Intake of Salt

Some people are sensitive towards sodium. A very effective tip to lower blood pressure naturally is by reducing the intake of salt. You can prepare a special diet plan which cuts down the salt level and gradually you will find that it has worked miracles in controlling your blood pressure. Reduce the intake of Sodium in your diet. Even if you buy packed or processed foods, make sure you read the ingredients or the contents of the product before consuming it.

Natural Remedies

You can try some of these homemade remedies and gradually they will help your cause. Garlic is very effective and highly recommended to treat high blood pressure. After waking up in the morning chew a clove of garlic and drink water after a few minutes. You can also try eating papaya every day on an empty stomach, but, make sure you do not consume anything else for the next two hours or so. This can bring about effective results. Drink the extract of curry leaves and also coriander and fenugreek leaves. You can also take a spoonful of honey with two tsp of onion extract and I tsp of cumin powder. This can be taken twice a day.

These remedies can be tried to effectively control the blood pressure and to stabilize it gradually. You have to keep faith and practice great conviction. Only if you whole heartedly put in the required efforts, You will get results. Do not expect to achieve results overnight. Be patient and keep following the steps regularly and eventually you will Feel the change.

It is best advised to consult a doctor before you plan any diet or an exercise routine. A medical practitioner would analyze your body and then state accordingly as to what is required. It’s very safe and also motivating if you discuss your plans with a doctor before following it. They might suggest measures to effectively control your blood pressure.

For some, high blood pressure can be hereditary. In such cases it is inevitable but the only sensible thing that can be done is to take measures to control it. You can stabilize and control it by diligently following the required measures. Do not let these temporary and curable ailments stop you from living your life to the fullest. Conquer the disease and stay fit.

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