Your Hand Shows The early Sign OF Ageing

Yes it is true that your hand can show the sign of ageing skin. Look at the pop diva Madonna who has done a lot to hide her age from the face but her hand tells the real age. Thus, before such situation comes up take care of your hand. Give special attention to it and try to use hand cream or moisturizer.

Nerves of hands which sprung up like branches of tree are the initial sign of ageing and one can not do much about them if not treated in the initial stage and that is to look after carefully and giving real special attention.

Sometimes the reason of ageing hands are due to over use of hands not giving enough rest unlike man, woman works and uses hands more frequently. Such as washing cloths, cleaning dishes and cleaning the entire house. So start taking care of your hands before the onset of such signs.

The best tips would be to knowing the secretes of keeping them younger looking forever. Out of tension and over workloads we usually forget to apply sunscreen in our hands and in later stage hands bear the brunt. Sunrays cause 90 percent of skin damage like skin discoloration and developing of wrinkles on skin.

While washing dishes don’t forget to wear rubber gloves. Contact with detergents and harsh soaps damage quality of skin. So wear hand gloves whenever you are using them to protect from the damage. Always use lotion or hand moisturizer after every wash and before going to night your hands should be moistened with hand creams.

Opt for a scrub once in a week to remove the dirt layer and dead cells from the skin. While going for the hand scrub, use those which are made especially for the hand use. Your hand’s skin ageing is in your hand so take care of it.

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