Yoga Options for Managing Anxiety


pranayama Daily anxiety and stress aren’t only uncomfortable. They can lead to a host of mental and physical illnesses. Fortunately, Yoga offers many ways to get rid of your worries through both physical and mental techniques.

The worst thing you can do is to ignore daily stress. Without a way to release tension and worry, the body continues to build up both physical and emotional toxins. These poisons of modern life must be flushed out of the system to achieve good health.

A typical class in Hatha Yoga will teach asanas, which are physical poses; pranayama, which are breathing exercises; and some form of meditation. Most classes last from 45 to 90 minutes to give the body, mind, and spirit a sufficient workout to strength muscles and relieve mental distress.

On the other hand, those who practice Yoga at home often shorten their sessions to 30 minutes or less. This can be workable, since many believe that some Yoga is better than none.

However, if one’s anxieties or stresses are great, longer sessions at home may be necessary to encourage the body to release its toxins and negative energy.

The best way to ensure good health through Yoga is to commit to a regular routine, whether it be a home session or a class at a Yoga studio or the local gym, health club or public recreation center.

Many other demands on your life will try to take the place of Yoga sessions, but you must be firm that Yoga is not an option in your daily life. It is as essential to good health as brushing your teeth or eating a proper breakfast.

But what if anxiety intrudes when there’s no time or space for an extended session. That’s when Yoga breathing exercises can be of enormous value. Try taking a short walk, during which time you practice natural breath (breathing from deep in your belly), the three-part breath of Dhirga Pranayama, or a meditation.

When the weather is bad, go to a shopping mall, a gym or athletic club, or a recreation center. You can even walk the halls of your workplace if it’s large enough, although walking at work won’t shield you from people wanting to talk with you about the job (which could be the source of your stress!).

If you can’t get away from your desk for even a 20-minute walk, there are even Yoga routines that you can do while sitting in your office chair. These might not be as encompassing as a full Yoga session, but they can serve to short-circuit your anxiety and stress so that it doesn’t weigh down on you.

Yoga serves as an excellent option for people who suffer daily stress and anxiety. If your symptoms should worsen, however, seek professional help right away.

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