Yoga For Women

Yoga for women is very beneficial in all phases of life. Recent advancements have offered many medical options for treating women’s health problems. There are many self-help tools to help during pregnancy, postpartum, premenstrual and postmenopausal problems of a women’s life. But all these problems can be permanently controlled and eliminated with regular yogic exercises and other abstentions.

Yoga is basically a discipline of self-development. It was originated in the Himalayas around 3000BC. Yoga profits people of all ages and abilities. Women in all stages of life can follow or practice yoga, which can be of great help.

Experts believe that lifestyle features and issues disrupt the body’s natural pace and cause hormonal imbalances. The imbalance results in many symptoms. Constant worry, unhealthy eating habits, traveling, overburden, troubles in relationships and not exercising leads to PMS and menopausal problems. Yoga asana and breathing exercises provide great console and respite from most of the ailments and troubled condition by bringing back the balance and synchronization between the body organs.

Some relaxation positions, such as the shavasana, makarasana and the balasana are specifically done for relieving fretfulness and nervousness. The makarasana is done to relieve of severe cramping in the backs. It helps the mind to concentrate within as the head faces downward, same as a crocodile hidden and relaxing underwater. The balasana is a compact position of body that helps relaxing completely. Its center of attention is the abdomen and the pelvis and helps massage and tone them.

There are some asanas to improve circulation and functioning of the endocrine system. Such asanas are benefiting incase of hot flashes and night sweats. Theses symptoms are common during menopausal transition. Rapid rhythmic inhalation and exhalation during all asanas is the key to solve the problem of the circulatory and hormonal imbalance of body. Rhythmic breathing has a calming effect and is a great stress buster.