4 Yoga Asanas For Reducing Abdominal Fats

Yoga Asanas For Reducing Abdominal Fats

 Reducing Abdominal Fats

Fat that lies around the organs, inside the belly, are generally very dangerous. This is because the fat in the belly area functions in different ways than the fat present in other parts of the body. The belly fat has more blood supply as well as it has more receivers of cortisol, a stress hormone. This stress level increases and decreases throughout the day. But when the person is under continuous stress, the quantity of cortisol a person generates remains increased. When both the stress and cortisol levels are high, large amount of fat gets deposited in the belly area, as the abdominal area has more cortisol receivers.

Here are some of the Yoga Asana For Reducing The Belly Fat:

1. Pavan muktasan: Breathe in while lying down on your back. Fold the right knee and hold it with both hands. Bring the knee to touch the stomach and raise the head so that the nose can touch the knee. The left leg will remain straight. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and keep holding the breath. Slowly relax and exhale. Follow the same with the left leg.  You can perform this pose with both the legs as well.
This asana removes gas and reduces the stomach fat. It also makes the knees and the hips flexible.

Pavan Muktasan

2. Bhujangasan: Lie down on the floor on your stomach. Raise the upper body, using the back muscles and bring the head up. Don’t use the hands to lift the upper body. They should remain on the ground or on your hips.
This asana keeps the dorsal spine elastic and strong. It reduces stomach fat and helps in releasing back pain.


3. Dhanurasan: Lie with your back up and hold the ankles by bending the knees. Now push your legs and pull your hands, keeping the knees together, till the body forms the shape of a bow. Hold for 30 seconds and release.
This asana no doubt reduces stomach fat, but it also increases the blood circulation.


4. Paad-pashchimottanasan: Lie down with your back on the ground, the legs straight and the arms over the head together. The palms should face upwards. Now sit with the hands over the head and the back straight. Then bend towards your foot and hold the big toes. The head should be in between the arms and touching the knees.
This asana reduces fat from the belly. It also removes air from the intestines and enhances the appetite.


To reduce belly fat, adopt these asanas and eat a healthy diet that is low in fat.