Yeast infection in women

Vaginal yeast infections are the result of habitat of Candida albicans fungus in vaginal area. It is also called Candida vaginal infections. It has been estimated that almost 75% of women are probable of having vaginal Candida infection once in a lifetime, and almost 45% have 2 or even more specie infection.  The women are more prone to the vaginal yeast infections due to lack of sleep, poor diet, under stress, illness, and while they are passing the phase of pregnancy or it may cause from antibiotics also. Women suffering from auto immune diseases such as HIV infection/STD and diabetes may also run the high risk

The symptoms of this kind of infection in vagina include itching sensation in vagina and inflammation, thick semisolid and white discharge, burning sensation, pain and irritation in the time of sexual intercourse. Women should always visit and consult the gynecologists if these symptoms are persistent, typically in case of pregnancy.

Proper diagnosis and treatment cures this kind of yeast infections in vagina within few weeks or in a few days. The problem generally lingers when repeated infections are complained. But these also improve with thorough and continuous treatment. However, some patients with recurrent and unexplained infection must be checked for diabetes or STD/HIV because these two disorders usually make the immune system weaker and raise the cause of infections.

There are some advisable precautions to stop these yeast infections in vaginal area. The genital area should be kept dry and clean. Never apply harsh soaps, douches, lotions and vaginal sprays. Always keep on changing sanitary pads and tampons during the time of menstrual cycle. Be careful to maintain hygiene during menstruation. Loose cotton underwear should be worn that does not retain moisture content. After completing swimming session or any occasional wetting, change immediately into dry clothing.

Take antibiotics as and when advised by your health consultant. It should be taken only for the prescribed periods, overdose and less dose is harmful. In case of diabetes, abstain from unhealthy eating to keep the level of blood sugar normal.