Workout With Dumbbells


If you prefer to workout at home or just don’t have the money to join a gym there is a way to have a great workout. All you need to invest in is a pair of dumbbells. Believe it or not, you can workout most of your muscle groups that are the major ones with just one little set of dumbbells. They should be between 20 and 25 pounds.

There are 3 different exercises that you can do with the dumbbells to get a great workout at home. They are single arm rows, single arm press and bend and side loaded squat. These exercises will work your major muscle groups without a lot of equipment taking up your living room.

The single arm row only requires the use of one dumbbell. Bend your knees and lean forward at the waist. With your palms facing your body, hold the dumbbell in your right hand and bring it up to your rib cage then take back to starting position. At the end of the set, switch hands.

Again, with the use of one dumbbell, the single arm press and bend is simple and easy to do. While standing with feet shoulder width apart, with your left hand, hold the dumbbell just above your shoulder. Raise the dumbbell straight up and then bend to the side. After a slight pause, stand straight again and lower arm. Switch arms when you have completed the set.

For the last exercise, the side loaded squat, you simply want to stand straight with the dumbbell at shoulder height. You then want to squat till your thighs are straight with the floor. After a short pause, stand up straight again. Again, switch arms at the end of each set.

These 3 exercises only require one dumbbell. As you can see, it does not take a lot of equipment to get a great workout. You are able to work your upper and lower body with this effective workout program. A great addition to this is to add lunges and a cardio workout either at the beginning or the end of the routine.