When To Start Solid Foods For Your Baby


As recommended by most pediatricians, babies at 6 to 7 months are usually introduced to solid foods. However, as per the nutritional needs and readiness one can also introduce solid foods to babies of 4 months. In order to determine if your baby is ready for solid foods, firstly you should make sure that he/she can balance his/her own head since it is important to have good neck and head control apart from the ability to sit up straight. Secondly, you ought to be sure of diminished tongue-thrust reflex of your baby. Thirdly, your baby should show interest in solid food.

Once you get the go-ahead to feed solid food to your baby, you can start the process by selecting a favourable time of the day when you think your baby is ready and not too tired. You can start by first breastfeeding your baby for a while to stimulate hunger and then start with small shares of the solid food. To make the baby feel comfortable, hold him/her on your lap or on a chair with a safety strap.

Now, for many mothers the first question is what kind of food should be fed to the baby? Preferably, the food should be a little iron fortified which can be mixed with either breast milk or formula milk. For easy digestion the food should be diluted enough for easy intake. Very important in this context is not to get upset if the first spoonful is rejected by your baby. Wait a little and try again. A word of caution here is that it would be wise on your part not to add cereals in the feeding bottle unless recommended to do so by the pediatricians. Sometimes carelessness on your part can cause your baby to become overweight, which could later on become the cause of psychological problems. Also foods like egg, honey, citrus fruits and cow’s milk are to avoided until your baby’s first birthday.

The final stage is when your baby starts feeding himself/herself with his hands or with a spoon. Have a happy feeding!

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