Weight Training Injuries

Weight training is not a rosy task rather it’s sweaty task. It can provide desirable results if done correctly but you do a little mistake than there is a very thin line between the growth and injury. Many bodybuilders believe that Injuries are a part of weight training and they do occur from time to time. Some of the reasons of weight training injuries are mentioned below:

Too Much Weight– Using too much weight is a kind of exercise that supplies many a time injuries. If you are unable to lift a specific weight no need to try to lift extra weight. An unchecked barbell or dumbbell assumes a mind of its own; the weight obeys the laws of gravity and seeks the floor. Anything in its way (or attached to it) is in danger.

Bad Training– If you have no knowledge and continue to train hard and heavy, you’re likely to get hurt. It also relates to your overall health: Before starting heavy training when in a weakened state brought on by severe dieting or restricted eating. It’s best to save the big weights, low reps, forced reps and negatives for non diet growth periods. While dieting requires reduced poundage, this doesn’t mean you can’t be intense in your workout – it just means you need to use lighter weight as it is just because of safety purpose.

Diverted Attention– Don’t try to perform another task while trying weight training programs as if you lose little bit of concentration it may cause injuries. More concentration equates to more poundage. More poundage equates to more growth. More poundage can lead to getting hurt if you don’t pay attention. So, Train smartly.

Incorrect Techniques– Cheating and forced reps are advanced techniques that allow the lifter to train beyond normal. Taken past the point of failure, the muscle is literally forced to grow. If cheating or forced rep is incorrectly performed it can push or pull the lifter out of the groove. The weight collapses and a spotter must come to the rescue.

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