Weight Loss Truths


There are numerous queries in every one’s mind that is involved in a weight loss program. Different people have different opinions. Some of the weight loss trends, which are effective in an individual, may not leave a similar impact on the other’s body. So, people always have a query or a question regarding these different weight loss tricks.
There is a query that masticating low-calorie foods like sugar-free gum and celery aids in burning calories or not. The researchers found that it might help to some extent but is not able to trigger enough weight loss. This is because the gum and some vegetables are categorized under “negative-calorie” foods.  They evidently consume more energy from our body to digest as compared to the energy they provide. So, if you really want to loose calories, start moving your body and not your jaws.

Some people want to know that, coffee is really helpful in reviving metabolism or not. It is found that coffee can stimulate the calorie-burning furnace.  A research proved that the caffeine stimulates the nervous system. The stimulation sends indication to the body to release a small amount of energy from its reserved fat, provided the coffee is a black coffee.  But adding in milk, cream, or sugar raises the insulin levels in our body, which in turn reduces the metabolic process. So, to accelerate the weight loss process you can sip some black coffee but not more than three cups in a day because too much caffeine may lead to anxiety, nausea, and headaches.

There is another common question that eating after 8 p.m. may lead to weight gain or not.  But it depends on the kind of snack you consume. The deciding factor is the fact that how many total calories you consume each day and not the time at which you eat.
The research suggests that the ideal program is to have a bigger breakfast, an average -size lunch, and a minor dinner. This can help us consuming fewer calories and minimize the temptation to nourish at night.


  • Julia Rowden

    I would just like to say why I believe most people find it hard to lose weight. First of all it is because we like to eat,and if you go on any kind of diet that your starving on you can’t stick to it for long. And any diet will work for someone who is a few pounds over weight ,but when you get up into the 100+ overweights, you are looking at a completely different problem than someone with just a few pounds to lose. These 100+ plus people have many issues, the least of them being overeating, THESE people are truly addicted to the foods that they consume. Which is where I was, and until I faced the fact that there had to be a way to become UNADDICTED to food, I would keep getting bigger and bigger. I weighed in at 460 and could barely walk across the room without feeling like I was going to die, I couldn’t stand for very long, and the only way I could do anything was to have a chair close by.. The solution to my problem was when I picked up the Atkins Program book, and in this book I found my saving grace. I already knew I was addicted to food, and when I read that there really was scientific proof of that I was happy. I have went from that 460 pound person , to 249 pounds and still shrinking,, I love life , I can now exercise, breath, and actually enjoy being alive . What people need to know is that a low fat diet will rarely work for a very obese person, because it doesn’t address the issue of addiction, the only way I have found I can maintain a weight loss is to avoid those foods that I am addicted to, much like an alcoholic. I used to have severe high blood pressure and had to take medication,and now no medication is needed and my blood pressure remains in the normal range. Just wanted the world of the OBESE to hear this , and maybe, just maybe one more 100+ plus person will live to be a healthy normal weighted individual…. Thanks,,,Julie

  • Julia Rowden

    I also wanted to mention, the topic of exercise to the world of 100+ Obese people. I started my BIG exercise program by walking across the living room. I did this every day for a week, then, I went across the living room and out to the street everyday for a week, and added just a few steps more each week, I want to say to the 100+ people if you can move, you can get fit. One step, then two, and on and on….. There is no reason for anyone NOT to begin there journey, unless they just want to keep feeling sorry for themselves, and for me that was not an option,,,,,,MOVE AMERICA…..