Weight Loss Motivation


weightlossmotivation When you begin to focus on weight loss, you consider diet and exercise. You begin on these two regimes with a great enthusiasm. But gradually the motivation begins to wear off; the focus begins to shift.

So you need to counsel yourself in order to stay motivated about working towards the great body that you hope to achieve through your self-control and your workouts.

Primarily, you must have a good reason to lose weight. You are doing it for your own health, for the sake of your looks. You will find it easier to lose weight if you are doing it for your own sake.

Keeping a record of everything that goes down your throat would be an excellent way to keep yourself motivated. You would find it very encouraging to see that losing weight was, after all, not that tough and that you did it simply by checking the serving size, or the amount of food, that you are consuming. Keeping a record helps, because you know where you have cut the size or quantity of the portions you have consumed.

Keep a very realistic goal in front of you. Unrealistic and farfetched expectations are bound to lead you to frustration. Remember that a journey of a hundred miles begins with that first step. A healthy weight loss means losing only a few pounds in a week.

Keep your focus on the target. Think about how you will look at the culmination of your weight loss program. Keep a picture of your target weight figure somewhere obvious so that you can see it every day.

Patience is your best friend. Remember that it would take a lot of time to lose what you took a lot of time to gain. Your weight didn’t appear overnight; it will not go away overnight either. You might feel frustrated because you got stuck at a particular weight.  Tell yourself that it is not tough for you to lose weight. It is only a matter of time and, with effort, that you will achieve your goal.

Aid your weight loss with a good diet and the right exercise. You should not feel starved and disoriented, simply because you are forcing yourself to cut out a particular food group. You might binge in such a scenario.

Have your sunny side up. A positive attitude will help you to stay undefeated. You can develop this attitude by refusing to be beaten by difficulties on the way to your weight loss. You can stay positive by envisioning how it will look and feel when you are telling everyone how you lost all that fat.

These tips are great for a steady motivation to lose weight. Ultimately, however, the motivation will have to come from within. You must develop that motivation in order to realize your dream of a healthier and slimmer you.


  • Great article! I have always been too lazy in losing weight because of lack of motivation. You are right, patience is a big key to keeping your head up.