Walnut For Your Health

Quite often we wonder why our body feels weak do and becomes susceptible to any disease.  We forget that its immune system depends entirely on how we eat and what we eat.  So here is one of the most important ingredients for your healthy health diet and it is nothing but the walnut which can be taken as dry fruits and also can be consumed in the form of oil. Sometimes eating wrong fruits and foods make lots of difference.

Walnut is considered to be king of the dry fruits. Oil made of walnut is concrete source of omega-3 acids. One can benefit from eating dry fruits itself. Nut contains selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium which are essential components for healthy body. And also this dry fruits do not remain behind when it is about provision of vitamins to body, it contains rich source of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and Vitamin E.

The consumption of walnut protects you from coronary heart disease. Oil made out of walnut is excellent for healthy health as compare to other oil. The oil does not increase the risk of deposition of fats in your body rather it is known to be the enemy of fats deposition.

Intake of this dry fruits is well known fact for enhancing beautiful skin as this has all vitamins B and E and they are the ultimate source of glowing skin. It provides beautiful balanced body and mind. Fruits and oil are rich in antioxidants and thus perfect healer for skin blemishes. Consume walnut to get smooth skin and amazing source of healing anti ageing.

This dry fruits do not end here; they are antibacterial, fight against tumors, anti inflammatory, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. You can avoid and remain safe if walnut is eaten regularly.

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  • Worthy information of sources of vitamins, calcium, iron……… etc. Apart from routine diet and exercise one should concentrate towards the healthy diet which should contain a good amount of vitamins, proteins, manganese, calcium, iron……..etc,