Walk For Your Life


Walk a mile before you sleep”, it is very true and one should walk a mile every day before going to bed for the sake of health. This walking exercise is specially recommended to older people and this is so because as one ages the joints and muscles start to shrink and they become stiff.

You can not freely move your body. So walk for your health every day. Don’t just be in the room. Stay fit and do a work outs. Although the above line says especially to older population but even the youngsters’ should go for a walk or else bear the obesity.

Apart from the walking right you must watch out your diet as well. See that you are not skipping a single meal. Drink milk this will make your bones strong and sturdy to fight. In the morning largely depend on fruits and eat different types of fruits to get the different types of vitamins.
Banana and milk are also the best breakfast. Eggs are also important component of the morning breakfast. Make sure you eat boil eggs and it is more healthy if taken half boil.

Evening keep a time table for a walk. Do not miss the routine, it will provide ample amount of health benefits. Take out time for an hour or half an hour for the walk and see the difference after a week. This has got tremendous power to heal not only the physical problem but also the mental illness. Those who suffer from stress should take initiative for the walk.

Eat at proper time; don’t eat late dinner this will add calories and you will gain weight.
Eat light food in dinner. If possible make a habit to go for a walk in the morning. Air is still fresh in the morning.