Vitamins for Higher Energy

The general question which crosses every mind while planning a nutritious diet is whether vitamins actually help in increasing energy. While vitamins are not directly involved in the energy generation process, they are an important source for initiating that process. This is because vitamins aid the enzymes that generate energy from the energy producing nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats and are thus an important link in the whole chemical reaction which provides energy to the body. Increasing one’s vitamin intake can then lead to an optimum health and energy level which can help in the effective performance of one’s daily activities without leading to frequent episodes of fatigue and weakness.

A balanced diet is important for the overall health of the body and this balanced diet requires adequate amount of vitamins to attain overall health fitness. Along with aiding in energy production, vitamins aids in the strengthening of bones and teeth along with enhancing one’s immune system which in turn shields the body from various infections and ailments. There are some vitamins which can really boost up one’s energy levels. This includes vitamin B3 which works in combination with coenzyme Q10 to increase one’s energy levels. Similarly, vitamin B12 is often referred as an energy vitamin as it is an active participant in the biochemical reactions that lead to the production of energy. Vitamin C too helps in transporting fat to the cellular organelles for its conversion into energy and Vitamin B1 or thiamine are involved in energy metabolism as they are involved in converting food into unseeable energy source for the body which is generally known as ATP(adenosine triphosphate).

Vitamins thus play an important part in initiating the whole process of energy development in the body along with aiding in one’s overall health and well being.