Vitamin-D and Kids

It would be a nightmare to see your children suffering from under-developed bones or weak bones. As a parent you care and even a slightest cut will bother you.
Unhealthy skin and very weak body are the symptoms of vitamin-D deficiency. The deficiency of vitamin – D is mostly seen in children and they are worst victims. Besides that, it is seen in pregnant women and breast feeding women. Deficiency of vitamin D causes many other diseases like skin discoloration, developing ugly skin colour and rickety in children.

The use of vitamin-D in our body, it prevents diseases like cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis and heart disease. It is very important to develop strong bones and muscles.

Good source of vitamin-D, rich in pure olive oil,salmon,mackerel,tuna fish, sardines, milk, nonfat, margarine, pudding, liver,beef,cheese ,etc. they are the good sources of Vitamin –D. consumption is a must for every children.

However, sun exposure is considered to be the best and effective source of the vitamin-D. This sun bath will make bones strong and will develop strong and healthy body. Mind you one thing, when we talk of exposing sun, it doesn’t mean that you bring out your baby at any temperature and dry them in the sun. Please expose them in the morning when sun light is still soft that is before ten o’clock. Uv- rays should be avoided strictly. The expose during UV-rays will damage baby’s skin.

Milk for your children is very essential. They should be given three to four glasses of milk in a day. This will enhance healthy mentality and body as well. Growing children need more minerals, vitamins, calcium and other energy. They are found in milk. Therefore, consumption of milk should be made compulsory for every child. If you want your children to grow healthy body and strong bones, never let them skip any of the above necessary foods and vitamins.