Urinary Tract Infection – Home Treatments And Some Myths


uticramps One common concern nowadays, especially for women, is Urinary Tract Infection, more commonly referred to as UTI. Although it is advisable to consult a doctor for this condition, there are treatments already available for UTI that are effective and long-lasting.

With the proliferation of home treatment and relief programs, and with the effectiveness of word-of-mouth promotion, there are some popular beliefs about UTI that need to be corrected or put in proper perspective

I will be presenting some clarifications on common Urinary Tract Infection home relief methods.
While it is true that cranberry juice helps flush away the bacteria that cling on the urinary tract, it is important to note that drinking Cranberry juice will help only if it is unsweetened.

Cranberry juice cannot be a replacement for water. You have to drink plenty of water. This means that you need to drink more than the required volume of eight glasses a day to experience its effects on your Urinary Tract Infection problem.

You can opt to drink ten to twelve glasses or more per day. If you exercise regularly, the increase in water intake will help you replace the water that you lose when you work out.

Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C but do not overeat. This may lead to stomach problems. Instead, you can take a substantial amount of vitamin C supplements and increase vegetables and fruits with Vitamin C in your diet and avoid eating salty food and junk food. Change your eating habits and that alone is enough to improve your health.

A lot of people resort to home remedies in treating UTI, and we tend to get all sorts of advice on how to treat it. It is important to make sure that we have the right facts for the particular home treatment that we are going to adopt.

Misunderstanding or ignorance of facts may not help you in your situation; in fact it can even worsen the condition. You can research about the specific treatment that you want to adopt. There are many resources available that cover this topic.

It is still best to consult your doctor and listen to his advice on effective home treatment programs for your UTI.

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