Upper Abdominal Pain

Upper abdominal is a pain that can be felt in the upper half portion of stomach. The abdomen is an anatomical area that is bounded by lower margin of ribs above, the pelvic bone below, and the flanks on the each side.

The upper abdominal pain from abdominal pain can arise from the abdominal wall that surrounds the abdominal cavity. The pain can be of any of the type. It can either be severe, chronic at times or long lasting. In some cases it can be mere a short period. The exact location of pain determines its root cause. Pain can be in any of the area as it can be liver pain, kidney pain, and biliary colic or in upper or lower abdomen.

Causes– Abdominal pain can be caused by any of the reasons that are mentioned below;

• If there is a loss of blood supply to an organ as in the cause of ischemic colitis.

• Abdominal pain is caused by inflammation as colitis, appendicitis and diverticulitis by stretching or distention of an organ or by loss of supply of blood to an organ.

• To complicate matters, however, abdominal pain also can occur without inflammation, distention or loss of blood supply. One example of this latter type of pain is the irritable bowel syndrome it is not clear what causes the abdominal pain in IBS, but it is believed to be due either to abnormal contractions of the intestinal muscles as spasm or abnormally sensitive nerves within the intestines that give rise to painful sensations inappropriately as visceral hyper-sensitivity.

• The upper abdominal pain can be caused because inflammation of pancreas.

• Gas can be the other cause upper abdominal pain.

• Stretching or distention of an organ can also cause pain, like blocking of a bile duct by gallstones.

• Another reason can be the occurrence of a peptic ulcer. It is caused when the lining of the stomach breaks, due to excess production of acid. It is very painful.

• If you are experiencing an upper abdominal pain after meals, it can be due to indigestion or heartburn. So, try to eat slowly and chew the food properly.

• Any symptom of abdominal pain needs doctor’s advice. Sudden pain can be changed in high medical emergency.

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