Types Of Migraine headache

Migraine headache is a position when you are suffering from severe headache. Migraine is a neurological syndrome that can cause headache. It is a very common condition with women as compared to men. A migraine headache is considered a vascular headache because it is associated with changes in the size of the arteries within and outside of the brain. There are many types of migraine headache. Some of them are mentioned below:
• Nocturnal Migraine-Many patients who have migraine will experience their attacks during the early morning hours, most commonly around 4:00-4:30 A.M. This headache suffered the patient so badly that if often awakens the patient. Many surveys conclude that these attacks are related to changes in adrenalin and related substances that occur on a cyclical basis, and which reach their peak release during these hours. Alteration in sleep cycles may also provoke migraine attacks.

• Retinal migraine-A rare migraine, retinal migraine starts with a loss of vision. Vision lose may be temporary, complete or partial. A dull ache occurs behind the eye and later it spread to the rest of the head and results to severe pain.

• Basilar Artery Migraine-This type of migraine headache mainly caught the adolescent women or young girls. This migraine can be identified by the throbbing at the back of head. This type of migraine can be caused by the occurrence of basilar artery a temporary artery in brain. This can lead to dizziness, poor coordination, vomiting and difficulty in speaking.

• Carotidynia Migraine– This migraine is also called lower half headache or facial migraine. During this migraine deep, dull, aching and sometimes piercing pain felt in jaw or neck. Usually, there is tenderness and swelling over the carotid artery in neck. Process cans occur several times a week also it may stays of minutes to hours. This type of migraine affects mainly older people.

There are two main types of migraine headache:

classic migraine and common migraine. Both the types as often as several times a week or even once every few years, any type of headache can be happen any time. In some cases people predict the occurrence of migraine. For example if someone has attack of migraine headache at every Friday night or Saturday morning so occurrence can be predicted as it is happening because of stress.

Many people are caused of hereditary effect. They have family history of migraine People who get migraines are thought to have an inherited abnormality in the regulation of blood vessels. The following factors often act as triggers that set of the migraine.

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  • Hana

    Hi, i am suffering from daily headaches for the past 1 week, it starts from the neck and travles to my forehead, and i work with the computer and have burred visions and fell nausea, does this mean i suffer from Migraine or Sinus, cos i was found to be suffering with Sinus as well, i have bleeding nose at times after a headache.

    Please advice