Types Of Doughnuts From Around The World

doughnuts types

Doughnuts are one of the most common as well as a hot favorite dessert among people from all around the globe. Not only is it liked by children, but equally by adults.

It is one of those light desserts that can compliment any cuisine. However, there are various types of doughnuts that are available at different places in the world. Once you get a knack about the varieties available in doughnuts you will be able to make a choice whether it’s about eating or preparing the same for your guests.

The variation in this fried dough is something that will enhance your taste buds every time you eat it. Here is a list of doughnut varieties that you can get your hands on-

Varieties Of Doughnuts


doughnuts types

Photo Credit- Germany-insider-facts.com

This is a type of doughnut that you will find as one of the specialties of Argentina. This variety of doughnuts is also known as Tortas Fritas. Where the style is concerned, it is usually in a form of fried pastry and is said to be a discovery of the Germans.


doughnuts types

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It is one of those doughnuts that you will find in the beautiful country of Israel. Also, it is one of the traditional desserts of the place. The Sufganiyot style is round in shape and is filled with jelly without any niche that we usually find in normal doughnuts.


doughnuts types

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Berliners are simply German form of doughnuts. Again, the shape of the doughnuts is not a ring that you might have usually seen where this sweet is concerned. The filling of the dessert is usually done with delicious jam and in many cases with marmalade. Sugaring is done on top of the doughnut to make it look more attractive.


doughnuts types

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Louisiana is the destination where this type of doughnut known as Beignet originated from. This form of doughnut is very simple and is free from any kinds of filling. All you will find in Beignets is fried dough that is simply covered with finely powdered sugar. However, this variety of doughnut is square in shape unlike others.


doughnuts types

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Malasadas are another mouth watering type of doughnut that you would love to get your hands on. This Portuguese style doughnut is made from sweetening fried dough and is very famous among the Hawaiians. The simplicity of the item makes it all the more popular among the locals.


doughnuts types

This is the Indian style doughnut that you just won’t be able to resist! The shape of the Balushahi is exactly the same as the normal doughnuts available in the market and it is dipped in sugar syrup to make it a perfect dessert for any occasion. Not only is it easily available in the Indian markets but also simple to prepare.

Kuih Keria

doughnuts types

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Originally from the beautiful country of Malaysia, potato is one of the major ingredients used to make these sweet doughnuts called Kuih Keria.


doughnuts types

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These small round doughnuts that look more like balls than rings are a specialty of Greece. The balls are usually fried and then dipped in honey rather than sugar for sweetening purpose.

These are some of the most significant varieties of doughnuts from around the globe that you can try out! There are many others in store for you as well in other parts of the world.

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