Types Of Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises means exercising with more air. Aerobic exercises are very easy and at the same time they are very beneficial also. There are various types of aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging, rowing, aerobic dancing, jumping, riding bicycle.

A study proves that, two to three hours of regular exercise can give you 15 years of healthy life. Basically there are there different types of aerobic exercises. Stretching exercises like Yoga, Thai Chi. Endurance exercises to improve cardio fitness, strength training exercises which include weight training exercises.

It is advisable if someone is suffering from stress then competitive types of exercise must be avoided, as such types of aerobic exercises lead to more stress rather than relaxing. So it is good to go for non competitive exercises like swimming, brisk walking.Competetive exercise like Lawn tennis, squash should be avoided as they lead to more stress, because one has to compete for such games and there are equal changes that one can win and lose also .Exercises should not be done in isolation also, to get maximum stress relieving benefits one should exercise using relaxation regimes like Thai chi and Yoga.

Brisk Walking

It is very important that before starting your exercise schedule one should spend a few minutes on warm up exercises and after the session ends go for cool down exercises. Warm up exercises helps in increasing circulation which is good for muscles, whereas cool down exercises allows blood circulation to return to normal.

Warm Up Exercises

It is an imperative that one must stick to his exercise schedule .According to a research conducted, it states that 60 % of people who start of which exercise programme drop out after three or four months. If you stop exercising the benefits will be lost very quickly. For this reason it is very necessary to choose the right kind of exercise which suits your mind and body, so that you are able to continue for a longer time period and enjoy the benefits of aerobics.