Turn Your Life Around With This Important Weight Loss Tip

weight loss program

Before you begin a weight loss program, there is one tip that you need to be aware of. You will not have success without having self awareness.

What does self awareness mean and how does it apply to your weight loss? Well, self awareness means that you need to acknowledge and be aware of the foods that you are eating. The best way to make yourself aware of your eating habits is to keep a meal diary.

In your diary, you should keep track of what foods you are eating, what causes you to want to eat, your feelings before you eat and after you have consumed food. After maintaining a food diary for a few days, you will get a better understanding of your eating habits, what is causing you to eat and what types of food you are eating.

It’s not hard to keep a food diary and it will be beneficial to you in the end. From this diary you’ll understand why you eat. You will also learn to listen to what your body is saying. Is it telling you that you are hungry? Is your body telling you that you are full and satisfied? This diary will enable you to make changes to your eating habits.

For instance, in your food diary you may notice that you tend to take soft drinks and sugary juices instead of water during the day. Now that you are aware of this pattern, you can cut out the sweet drinks and replace them with water. If you love your soda, try replacing it with Green Tea or an herbal tea. If you crave sweet fruit juices, get your fix by eating a piece of fruit or make your own natural fruit juice form fresh Oranges.

When you review your food diary, you may also notice that you eat more when you are under stress or when you are bored and watching the television. Now that you know that these are the two triggers that cause you to eat, you can think of things to keep you occupied or things that will relieve your stress so that you don’t eat as a result of stress or boredom.

Keeping a food diary will be beneficial to your weight loss. The more you are aware of your actions and habits, the easier it is to correct the same.