Treadmill Walking Workout

Treadmills are a great way of ensuring the overall health of one’s body and it is one of those equipments which can make a home gym. Since this exercise can be performed indoors, it offers great convenience from environmental factors and it burns almost the same number of calories as walking outdoors does. Many people tend to feel lazy going out for a walk and for such people treadmill machines are a beneficial option which perform optimum exercise and workout of the body without any need for caring about external factors.

Treadmill workouts are indoor workouts which can lead to a burning of about 200 calories if carried out for an hour. Similarly, if one increases the intensity to a medium level, it can lead to a loss of approximately 700 calories and can help one remain fit and slim. Moreover, treadmill walking helps in toning the body muscles along with ensuring overall body fitness. It is beneficial for people with all ages and it is extremely safe for pregnant women as there are no side effects of carrying out this exercise.

There are various kinds of walking treadmill workouts which can help in exercising and toning of the entire body. Some of these exercises include ones like Retro which aims at coordination, balance and strength, The Trail Hike which works a variety of muscle groups, Quick Step and others like Rock and Walk and The Stretch which focuses on aerobic and strength training. All these exercises help in providing a workout of almost all the muscles which in turn keeps one’s body fit and healthy and prevents it from various ailments.

Treadmill workouts have numerous advantages due to its non dependence on external factors. One can perform these workouts according to one’s wishes as these are indoor activities which can be performed even while watching TV. Thus, possessing a treadmill at home is a good idea to maintain a healthy and a fit self.


  • Your article shows how effective and powerful treadmill workouts can be. Also, studies have shown that walking on a treadmill is easier on your joints than walking on concrete or uneven surfaces. There are many reasons to walk on a treadmill. The convenience factor if you have one at home is hard to ignore!