Top ten diets


Dieting is always in fashion, whatever the experts may argue. Here is a look at the top ten diets in a descending order.

diettopten Rosemary Conley’s hip and thigh diet: This is a combination of low fat food and exercise and is unique and efficient. The main foods in the diet are fruits, vegetables, low fat milk, and starchy food.

: Products, which help to burn fat or reduce your appetite, are used to help reduce weight. These are not good in the long run as it affects the health and worsens the situation.

Low fat diet: This is a diet in which all fatty foods are limited to a great extent and are sometimes prohibited completely and that makes it a very difficult diet to follow.

Weight Watchers diet
: Here each food item is allotted some points and one has to accumulate a certain amount of points each day. You can choose your points based on how much weight you want to lose.

Combining foods: Certain food items when taken together cause weight gain. This diet focuses on avoiding that and ensures proper digestion. Arriving at the right combination is a difficult process.

Detox diets
: Intake of large amounts of fluids and organic food like fruits or vegetables, juices, herbal tea, rice is the norm in this diet.

Meal Replacement
: Here you replace a certain number of meals per day. This is popular, as you are not feeling hungry like other diets. However, cutting down meals may not necessarily be a healthy option.

GI diet: This diet is extremely popular but is also difficult to follow and expensive to maintain. Once the diet is stopped, there is a tendency to put on weight again. Also, one tends to feel hungry all the time.

Atkins diet: There are restrictions on foods that are high in carbohydrates like rice, bread, potatoes, chocolates, sugar etc. Carbohydrates are substituted with high protein food items like lentils, eggs, meat, fish, or cheese.

Slimming World: A balance is maintained between eating healthy food and regular food. It is popular as it is easy to practice and healthy.

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