Top 6 Weight Loss Teas

Weight Loss Teas

Weight Loss Teas

Having difficulties losing weight the natural way? Let tea come to the rescue. Many of you might have heard about the benefits of green tea in weight loss but there are various other kinds of tea which can be helpful to lose weight. Just like green tea other teas like white tea, black tea, herb and spice tea contains many qualities that improve your metabolism.

Health experts have been using tea for medicinal purposes since ancient times and even today specialists worldwide believe that various kinds of teas can benefit in losing weight. Given below are some popular teas that can assist you to shed extra pound.

6 Different Weight Loss Teas

Green Tea

The most popular tea that has been used as a weight loss supplement is green tea. The antioxidants present in green tea work as catalyst in weight loss and that is the reason why many celebs are using this ancient secret to maintain their waste line.

Green Tea

Drinking two cups of tea to lose weight sounds unrealistic but many studies have shown that drinking green tea or using green tea extract while dieting can yield significant improvement in weight loss. If you don’t like the bitter taste of green tea, pills that contain green tea extract are equally beneficial.

White Tea

Chinese have been using white tea for its benefits since thousands of years but this precious tea is slowly becoming popular on the other side of the Ocean as well. White tea is very rare as it is made by the very young unopened buds of tea leaves which become available for only few days in a year.

White Tea

The plucked young tea leaves are steamed and preserved to be used latter on. The rare availability of white tea makes it a pricey tea. The young tea leaves have a different cell structure and number of antioxidants that are beneficial for losing weight. Unlike unpleasant taste of green and black tea, white tea has a smooth taste which is easy to enjoy without adding sugar and cream.

Black Tea

Looking to lose your belly fat without losing your curves then black tea is the perfect fit for you. Black tea helps to maintain stress level by reducing the production of stress hormone cortisol which is responsible for storing fat in the stomach.

Black Tea

Apart from reducing cortisol levels the antioxidants and caffeine present in black tea help to curb your food craving. Due to its health benefits consuming black tea has been a tradition in some parts of the world. Drinking 2-4 cups of black tea daily may help to eat less and maintain flat belly.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is made with the same tea leaves as the green tea and black tea are made but it is different from both teas. The process of picking and oxidizing the tea leaves makes diverse types of teas. While green tea and black tea are broken into little pieces during the oxidation process oolong tea is kept whole.

Oolong Tea

The whole leaves have a different cell structure than broken tea which is why oolong tea has other weight loss benefits compare to green tea and black tea. Chinese and Japanese have been using oolong tea for weight loss since centuries and modern science has also identified oolong tea as a useful supplement for maintaining and losing weight. Oolong tea can be easily find in pharmacies and wellness stores now a days but it still comes at higher price than usual green and black tea.

Cinnamon Tea (spice tea)

Most of us know cinnamon for its unique taste in sweet and spicy dishes but this warm Asian herb has been used as a medicine since ages. Usage of cinnamon has been associated with blood sugar as it helps to increase the production of insulin. Since insulin is responsible for burning fat in the body therefore cinnamon tea helps to burn fat.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea is an effective and inexpensive way to lose weight. You can make the cinnamon tea by brewing the cinnamon powder or sticks in boiling water for 10-30 minutes. Remove the sticks and strain to enjoy the aromatic tea as a weight loss supplement. But the benefits of cinnamon tea don’t stop here, it also helps you to maintain your cholesterol and sugar levels and sharpen your mind.

Note: Read the label before using cinnamon because the stronger kind of cinnamon which is called ‘cassia’ contains a substance named ‘Coumarin’ which can be harmful if used excessively. Expectant mothers should avoid usage of cassia cinnamon as it can cause trouble in pregnancy if used in large amount. Limit your cinnamon consumption to ½ tea spoon a day to avoid any consequences.

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Ginger-Lemon Tea (Herbal Tea)

This tea is a combination of two efficient herbs that have been proven very useful in weight loss. The fusion of ginger root and lemon peel is easily available in the market today. Ayurveda has recognized ginger and lemon as important weight loss elements and their fusion can give positive result in weight loss.

Ginger and lemon both play an important role to improve digestion and increase metabolism which is the key to weight loss. Many weight loss experts worldwide recommend to drink this tea to kick start your day. 2 to 4 cups of ginger lemon tea a day make you feel fresh all day and help you burn fat naturally.

Ginger-Lemon Tea

Sipping tea helps you curb you cravings and give you energy to complete your day to day task but one should be very careful consuming tea. Most of the teas apart from herb and spice teas contain caffeine which can be harmful if taken in large amount.

Even though caffeine suppresses appetite overdose can cause irritability and other symptoms of caffeine intoxication. Limit your tea consumption to 2-4 cups a day and talk to your doctor if you feel irritated and low without caffeine, it might be a symptom of overdose of caffeine. Regular exercise and eating right is important part of a healthy lifestyle drinking tea alone might not yield substantial results.

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