Top 6 Muscle Toning Exercises

Muscles Toning Exercise

Muscles Toning Exercise Having toned muscles is a dream for many! You do not have to spend dollars in your gym membership or be on a strict diet to tone your muscles – you just need to do the right muscle toning exercises for the perfect muscles. Regular exercises will help to tone them perfectly, stay in shape and have a healthy life. However, it is recommended to speak to your doctor once, if you are starting the exercise routine for the first time. Here are some great exercising ideas for you

Muscle Toning Made Easy

Bench Press Exercise

This involves lifting weights while being flat on your back. This toning exercise is perfect for toning pectoral muscles and is done by using barbell with specific weight attached to it.

Bench Press Exercise

A regular exercise routine of 30 minutes will help to tone your triceps and serratus anterior muscles.

Push Ups

This is extremely effective in toning your shoulders and arms. Beginners need to start with a few counts  and increase their counts as per comfort in a few weeks. Keep repeating the counts after few minutes of interval. If done on a regular basis and with a balanced diet you will be able to see the results in 3 months.

Ab exercises

Ball exercises are best for toning your abdominal exercises. These help in strengthening and toning abdominal muscles. Pilates exercises are also good for abdominal muscles and can be easily done at home too. Chest lift exercise is also effective in toning the ab muscles.

This is done by lying on the back and is quite similar to the popular crunches. The abdominal muscles are pulled to form a scoop which helps in toning all muscles and removing excess fat from the stomach. Stability ball is also good for toning the ab muscles. Crunches are also effective.

Kneeling Row Exercise

Kneeling Row Exercise

This works best for toning leg and arm muscles. A hand weight is used in the exercise and is usually done by kneeling on a mat. This is a slight complex exercise and should be done in consultation with an instructor or you may injure yourself. Remember, not to do this exercise for more than 30 seconds at a time.

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Ball Boundary Roll

This exercise helps in toning the abdominal muscles effectively. The ball is kept on the ground which you need to balance. The best position is to hug the ball for maintaining a balance. Be careful not to roll the ball too much that you tend to lose your balance and hurt yourself.

Step aerobics

A great way to tone calf muscles is by step aerobics. This exercise will tone your calf muscles and also help your cardiovascular system. Start by ten minutes initially and as you find yourself adjusting, you can increase the intensity.

Step Up

If you are exercising for the first time, you should not use more than two risers and as you progress you can move up to four risers. To bring a variety, you can do the same exercise by climbing up stairs. Start any of these effective muscle toning exercises and watch out for great results within a month.