Tone The Legs With Swimming

swimming for toned legs

swimming for toned legs Swimming is one of the most relaxing exercises out of all different exercises to boost up the fitness inside you. It is a kind of an invigorating fitness exercise that helps to tone up your muscles and thereby, shed off the excess fat from your body, giving you a very stout and sleek figure.

Swimming should be followed in discipline and of course, must be included in your everyday routine. You should exercise daily to prevent the building of the excess fat and also to prevent your body muscles from becoming flaccid. Toned body muscle in your body looks very firm in structure and healthy in appearance. Your muscles look firmer because they enter a continual stage of ‘partial’ contraction with almost a minimum expansion.

Toned legs can be redeemed if you take up this exercise on a regular basis. Swimming has quite a number of advantages associated with it, catering to the health and fitness of a human being. It is an excellent way to alleviate risks associated with occurrence of Cardio Vascular diseases, it being the 2nd most common disease in man. Swimming strengthens your lungs and heart, thus it is recommended by most physicians as a regular fitness exercise.

There are a couple of alternatives of swimming, such as walking, running or jogging, but the best results are obtained from swimming of course. There are many people around facing difficulty with these forms of exercises, mostly due to some debilitating joint disorders. These rigorous exercises might cause a harmful impact on their health adversely.

Effect of Swimming:

Swimming is very effective, because your body undergoes a state of complete buoyancy in water. During this, the body can perform intensive exercising of the muscle joints without causing stress to the various joints of muscles. Water provides the necessary resistance that is required for the underwater movements, thereby, toning up the muscles in the body.

The movement of your legs is very important to tone your legs. It is better known as the kicking exercise. All you need to ensure is that you kick under water several times, vigorously. This would indeed develop your leg muscles more firmly. Swimming assures to burn off your excess calories, therefore, losing significant weight from your body.

If you are regular with this form of exercise, it will definitely affect your body structure. You also need to undertake a low calorie diet with other forms of exercise as well. If you are treading under water for a single minute, you lose 11 calories from your body. For best results, select a water-aerobics class, to learn all forms of exercise under water from a trained expert. There are certain set of instructions that a swimmer needs to follow ensuring toned legs. These are:

Using Kickboards:

Kickboards can be great in helping a swimmer completing his laps in the pool, thereby, helping him to get a toned leg. One of the effective postures is to hold the kickboard with both your hands placing it in front of yourself at an arm’s distance.

All you need to do is then kick your legs alternatively with these kickboards. Another type of exercise would be holding the kickboard across the chest and swimming on the back, with kicking off the legs in complete momentum.

Swimming Fins:

swimming fins for toned legs

It is indeed a very good practice to add swimming fins to your swimming costume. The reason behind this is that it adds necessary resistance that is requisite for workout that tones up your body muscles and thus, your legs.

It has another advantage too, associated with it. It enhances the kicking rate of your legs and helps you swim at an appreciably faster pace. Swimming fins helps in effectively toning up your legs by ‘taking off’ the resistance from the ankle and feet.

Rate of Swimming:

As a beginner, you are always advised to swim in such a rate that it is least tiring to your feet and results in no fatigue. As you begin with the task, swim for 10 to 15 minutes continuously and once you are trained to be advanced, you can swim for an hour continuously without stopping.

Lifting of Legs:

It is a good workout to lift up your legs in a to and fro motion, clutching on a side of the pool, as a body exercise. This helps in toning of the legs very remarkably. This is a great exercise that can help you build up strong muscles. You can even try walking and running under water.

This is a very beneficial heart exercise directly correlating with cardio vascular health problems. The resistance of water is strong enough to help tone up your legs. You need not face the same impact of running under water as you tend to face while running over land areas.

It is indeed very helpful for your body to run and walk in the swimming pool with your hand over your head, ensuring that your legs do the necessary exercise to tone up the body muscles. This is referred to as walking or running in a streamline fashion.

Types of Strokes:

There are a number of strokes which can be paddled to get a toned look of your figure. The most popular one is the breast stroke which can be performed with your heads immersed in water and periodically turn your head sideways for getting inhaled fresh air. Under water, your arms must stroke out as paddles and your legs as free kicks of ‘frogs’.

Another type of stroke is known as the butterfly stroke. Butterfly stroke must be performed by moving your feet in a ‘dolphin-like’ movement and your hands in a ‘windmill-type’ movement. Your head must be under water as you perform your stroke. This is a form of exercise wherein, you get to apply maximum amount of effort in form of the energy utilized. While you take a couple of laps ensure that your hips muscles are stiff and tight. You must also try to lift your knees as high up as you can.