Tips to Lose Weight after Childbirth


A pregnant woman of an average height is expected to gain about 25 to 35 pounds during her pregnancy, when she is still carrying her child. After childbirth, it is normal for a woman to eagerly want to lose weight. This may be possible even if you are breastfeeding, as long as you do not do it abruptly. At this point in time, you need the extra fat while you breastfeed.

In fact, breastfeeding can slowly help you regain your pre-pregnancy weight. Be patient and rest assured that the extra pounds will come off naturally in a few months, as the breastfeed needs of your baby reduce. While you wait for the extra weight to come off, you can do your bit in maintaining a healthy body despite the pressures of your new obligations.

Here are few tips to lose weight after childbirth.

Keep eating healthy. It is important that you eat a good balanced meal regularly to fulfill your new responsibilities. You should continue your diet during pregnancy. It will help you sustain the demands of your child especially during nursing and to promote production of breast milk. Eating healthy will also reduce your chances of getting postpartum depression.

Include in your diet some fresh fruits and vegetables. You may have to eat more than your regular meals in order to provide your body the energy it will need to keep up with the demands of your baby.

Do some exercises slowly. You can start doing few exercises even if you have just given birth, provided that you have your doctor’s approval. However, give it at least three months after childbirth before you begin with your routine. Apart from helping you to get back on your feet and losing weight, exercise will support you in fighting off postpartum depression and stress, which normally accompanies childbirth. It will clear up your mind and loosens body tensions.

Like any weight loss regime, be realistic in your goal. Do not harm yourself by doing a crash diet or rigorous exercise. A target of 1 pound per week should not be difficult to achieve by taking a walk every day. And pushing your baby in a stroller is a good variation to your walking exercises.