Tips To Increase Muscle


Muscle definition means having your muscles appear more dramatically. Men with an arm of twelve inch muscle are more noticeable than the guys with an eighteen inch arm because they have better definition.

Percentage of the body fat and muscle size, are the two factors that function body definition. If you desire for a better definition then you must work on both these elements.

To start off, burn the excess body fat as much as you can. Choose a low intensity fat burning exercise like jogging or fast walking, for example. Remember the key is low intensity exercise.

If you adopt a high intensity exercise then you will end up with no results, as your body will never finish from recovering from that exercise. Your objective should be to burn the calories in a matter of time, not just in a day or week.

The second factor involves an increase in the size of the muscles. There are only three things which can be done with respect to the size. That is they can remain the same, or get big or small. There is no specific way to make it more defined, else than making them bigger.

You can make the six bigger by engaging in high intensity overload, instead of high intensity exercise. That is great load of work in a small period of time. Thus it is better to choose six rep training with 300 pounds, rather than choosing twelve rep training with 150 pound. But it prevails as a myth in the gym.

Workout plateaus:-

Usually, some plateaus in training can not be prevented, however, they should be short lived. If your training is effective, then you will notice the plateaus the day it appears.

Here are three tips that will bust any weight training plateau:-

1-take some rest: – overtraining is the main cause of a slowed down progress. Give time to your body to recover so that new muscles can develop from the training you performed and return to the gym with the body fully recovered and gain progress.

2- Give space to your workouts: – a fix frequency is not the answer for building new muscle mass. It can work for other things but not for mass building. The stronger you get, the more space your workouts need.

3- Heavy leg training is good: – to increase the body’s anabolic activity, leg exercise is ideal. Legs have the largest muscles in the body. And when, the muscles are forced to function at limit of their capacity, the systematic anabolic effect transfers into all the muscle groups in the body. Hence it is true that heavy leg exercise will result in huge arms.