Tips For Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

I often find people making a big fuss out of their fitness regimes. I really don’t understand why. I see people in the gym clearly unhappy because they are paying money to slave and sweat for hours. And worse I see people grumpy because they paid money, slaved and sweated but failed to achieve anything.

Then there are those who just pay and never even bother to walk into the gym more than once. It’s like some sort of tax for being fat. Then there is that other category where people stop eating all together. I wonder why they feel it will be beneficial to them?

We often forget that it’s not about looking like a model with a stick figure. It’s about a healthy body. A healthy body mean a fit body which has no extra add layers of fat. A body which is healthy and active. Giving up on food can never make anyone healthy. And if you are not healthy you cannot have a fit body. And hence you just can’t have a model figure. You will just end up with dark circles.

 Natural Weight Loss

All there is so fitness is leading a natural life. Like man was supposed to live. You never heard of any unhealthy obese caveman, did you? So what was it about? They stayed very active. They hunted their own food, struggled agianst uncertainties and the weather and they ate straight out of the nature.

As simple as that. I know you will not understand so I have jotted down what I mean by this in more detail. Read below the 3 points which I think will kick start you to a process of Natural Weight Loss.

How To Lose Weight Naturally

Forget Diet

Sounds simple? It is simple to execute too. Forget all that you have heard till date about weight loss or fitness and just stay with me. Let go of all your other diet plans. Eat. All through the day. Munch. Wake up early maximum by 9 (8 is better). If you work I’m guessing you already do. Great.

After you brush your teeth, strut into the kitchen and start eating. Get eggs. Always have eggs at home. Boil, poach, scramble or whatever you want to do but have an egg. Got bread? Give it a go along with your egg and tea. Or have cereals.

Or fruit salad or just throw all of it in to a blender and get yourself a smoothie. Yes smoothies are easy and fast and healthy. Throw in yoghurt, fruits, veggies, cereals and give it a spin. Now gulp down. Do make a face just gulp it down. More often than not, it’ll be yummy.

Eat like the cave man. Eat naturals. Eggs, Fruits, Veggies, Meat, Wheat, Corn. What ever you get out of nature. Nothing which was a gift of technology. No junk food. Please stop eating all that. No instant noodles are not an option for breakfast. Have a heavy breakfast.


There are many reasons why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. Read up about it in detail. But even if you don’t I’m sure you understand that it can’t be good for you to stay hungry for more than 8 hours at a stretch. Count for yourself. When did you have dinner last night and when did you finally eat the next day? If you make your body starve it will not let go of the layers of fat it has collected over the years.

The fat helps your body sustain itself when you starve yourself. So that means, according to your body, the fat is a good thing. The next time you eat, your body will store more fat for emergencies like every morning. So eat. And not just breakfast. Eat all through the day. at regular intervals. Do not let yourself get too hungry. This will help you reduce over eating. See? It’s all interlinked. Now you know what living like the caveman means.

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Forget Exercise

Yes I mean it. No more gym. No push-ups, crunches, weights etc etc… Just good old caveman life. He did not have a desk job. He had to run for ours to get his food. How will you compensate it? He did not have elevators. He climbed. Be active all through the day.

Be restless and fidgety. always keep your limbs in movement. Are you sitting while reading this? Good now start tapping your feet. Like the drummer does? or just pretend you are jogging. Keep you legs moving. Keep your posture straight.


Do not slouch. Is this article your idea of taking a break from the day’s work? Bad idea. Horrible idea. Instead take a walk. Go get some tea for yourself. Move around. Talk to people. You understand what I mean? Never use technology. Climb the stairs. God as given you legs. Be proud of them and use them. Walk fast instead of slow. It’s all a matter of outlook. You think active, you think fast and you do the exact same.

You will be more excited with your life. You will accomplish more and faster. So come to think of it. the gyms are just minting money out of you because you chose to be lazy each day of your life! The cave man, were he alive, would have laughed at you.


I’m talking nature. Natural weight loss. I must have this point. it’s up to you if you follow this or not. Because if you are smart I presume you will start following the two points above. I can promise you that you won’t really need to do yoga to lose weight. Eating right and being active will see to it GRADUALLY. That is very important. Don’t lose patience. It takes time. Give it two months and you’ll suddenly realize that you fit into your old jeans.


But if you want to go that extra mile, as in if losing weight is not where you want to stop, if you also want to tone down and really be fit, then do yoga. Half an hour each day. Break it up. 15 minutes morning and 15 minutes evening. Yoga is very scientific. It triggers healthy living and sets right your internal functioning. It will make you stretch and be flexible.

These are the three most basic Natural ways to lose weight. I’m expecting you to write back to be and thank me once you see the results.