Tips For Losing Weight While Eating

Lose Weight

Lose Weight Lose weight as you eat….yes, you read it right one can lose weight while eating. With the changing life styles and eating habits we often tend to put on weight unknowingly and finally one day we realize the need to lose weight not only to look good but to feel healthy.

Owing to the energy demands of your daily life activities, it sometimes becomes difficult to follow a strict diet. To cope up with the changing life style and yet look perfect we should eat the right foods in right proportion to lose weight.

Lose Weight while Eating

Choosing the Right Kind of Food

It is rightly said that you become what you eat, right food choices makes all the difference. Following are some choices that help  to lose weight as you eat.

Proteins Over Carbohydrates

It is a good idea to have stronger muscles and a leaner belly. Now you know that proteins add to muscle bulk whereas carbs are said to be adding to your fat bulk. So it is wise to choose proteins over carbs.

Proteins Over Carbohydrates

Non vegetarians can opt for egg whites, fish, chicken ( grilled/sautéed ) etc while the vegetarians can opt for soya nuggets, tofu, mushrooms etc.

Olive oil over Ghee keeps You Heart Healthy

For cooking avoid saturated fat like ghee and opt for more healthier choices like oils rich in MUFA, PUFA and Omega-3 fatty acids( olive oil, corn oil, sesame oil). The ghee adds to your cholesterol level whereas MUFA and Omega -3 Fatty acids decrease the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL).

Luke Warm Water Over Normal Water

It is a good habit to have luke warm water as it flushes your system of the toxins and increases your basic metabolic rate thus aiding in weight loss. Similarly try and replace the regular milk tea with green tea as much as possible.

Fruits Over Fruit Juices

The “on the toe”  life style has pushed us towards quick eating habits, like we prefer to have a glass of fruit juice over a fruit, which provides us with the required nutrition but deprives us of the fibre which is equally essential for digestion. Also some fruits like apple give us negative calories as we spend more energy in eating it than we get from consuming it, thus we get the required nutrition without adding to the calories. Fruits like banana, mango, raisins, prunes, coconuts are a strict no-no whereas the healthier options include watermelon, apple, orange etc.

Protein Drinks Over Fizzy Drinks

Often while at work we gulp down bottles of fizzy drink as a quick substitute without thinking about the calories.

Protein Drinks Over Fizzy Drinks

Replacing it with a protein shake (whey protein) at mid morning or before exercising only provides you energy but also gives you a feel of fullness. Protein drinks avoid volume gain by adding to the muscle mass and perfect for a person who is a regular gym visitor.

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Amount of Intake

A simple and easy way to remember the approximate portion sizes of the food intake is to use your hands. For each meal; starch and fruit serving should be equal to the size of a closed fist; vegetables quantity should be enough to fill two open hands; protein should be equal to the palm of the hand and depth of little finger and fat intake shouldn’t exceed the size of your thumb tip.

Food Timings

Regularizing meal timings aids in digestion. An erratic eating habit not only stresses your digestive system but may lead either to over eating or eating vey less at times. Eat less and eat frequently i.e., don’t miss brunches and evening tea but keep the three main meals light. Eat as per you energy demands i.e., breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.

Fast Day

Fasting once a month cleanses you entire system and gives rest to you digestive system. Also fasting is said to improve your self control. Remember the fast is to make you feel good not to make you sick, so don’t push yourself into a strict fast; drink water regularly and take fruits or something light as daliya if you feel sick.

Cheat Day

It is not easy to keep yourself off your favourite food. Some believe that too much of self regulation can lead to cravings and throw you off the track. So keep a cheat day once a week, but remember cheating is not synonymous to over eating, be genuine…like if you have a social gathering, then reserve it as your cheat day.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is the cornerstone of weight loss besides dieting. Choose activity according to your life style and interest. Some of the options include yoga, swimming, bicycling, tennis, work out at home etc.

Physical Activity

If your life syle doesn’t allow you to take out separate time for activity then incorporating activity into your lifestyle is the best option, like using stairs instead of lift; walking over to see a co-worker instead of calling over phone; parking at far end and walk till the shop etc.

Finally to sum up be judicious, don’t overdo things, remember looking good is a part of your persona as a whole so don’t associate it with self esteem and losing weight should aim at both…good health and good looks.

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