Tips For Losing Fat Around The Waist

Losing Fat Around The Waist

Losing Fat Around The Waist

Here are some excellent tips that will help you to get that perfect hourglass figure. These tips work excellently to kick the fat out from your waist that most people don’t like to have on their body.

They are easy, simple at the same time very effective; all you need to do is to do them correctly. This in turn will do wonders for you in reducing the fat content that you have near your waist.

You need not do impractical and difficult things in order to reduce the waist fat that you have.

A Workout Of Jumping Jacks And Hula-Hoops

Go grab a heavy Hula-hoop for yourself. This is because the lighter one falls to the ground very so often and rotates slower. Once you have it in place, hula-hoop for 60 seconds and do jumping jacks for another sixty seconds immediately. Do four such sets. An interim rest of 45 seconds after each set is mandatory.

Jumping Jacks

This requires about 15 minutes for you to complete the work out. Do them every day for best results. You will not be able to achieve the desired result if you don’t do them regularly and this will have an adverse impact on you.

Abs Squeezes & Vacuum Pose

These are the two best possible exercises for the stomach muscles. This latter exercise involves sucking of your stomach as much as possible. Hold for around 3-5 seconds. Perform abs squeeze for another 3-5 seconds. These are isometric tension exercises. Keep alternating both for about 5 minutes straight. Performing these exercises daily is recommended strongly if you are serious about losing inches. Doing the exercise regularly will fetch you better results than doing it intense sessions occasionally.

Abs Squeezes

These really are very effective, tried and tested exercises that we have selected. You may fumble in the beginning but maintain your confidence, you are sure to come out with flying colors, and an hourglass figure. They work if you really allot some time and do the exercises with determination.


  • One exercise I like to do is grab a 10 to 20 pound bar, put it in military press position around my neck and twist. I also bob from side to side. This gives my obliques and abs a really good burn.