Tips for Dramatic Eye Makeup

dramatic eye makeup ideas

dramatic eye makeup ideas Makeup is undoubtedly one of the best ways in which a woman can accentuate her beauty and looks. In fact, it is everything that adds as an extra benefit to the package. Not only are they safe on the skin but also calls for simple and easy application.

Along with this, makeup products are far more affordable than opting for surgical methods and it also gives you instant results and attractiveness that you desired. The flexibility of the method where you can experiment with different styles and types and also modify and alter the methods according to your choices and suitability, makes the makeup technique one of the most demanded procedures among fashion conscious women who wants to look like a diva.

There is a lot to know and a lot to learn when we talk about makeup. you not only need to get a hang of the best products and essentials for successful makeup but also on all the information for basics of makeup and the tips and tricks required to get through this process in an easy and hassle free manner. Makeup helps in throwing attention to the facial features, but then only one of them should be highlighted at a time and the feature that you think is a strong point of your persona.

Most of the times, women consider opting for heavy eye makeup and subtle lips makeup. Eye makeup is definitely more in vogue and you can experiment a lot as compared to lip makeup. However, you have to understand that there are a lot of styles in eye makeup as well. You can get a lot of different looks by just adhering to simple advice and suggestions in eye makeup. The makeup will be prone to change depending upon the eye color, the eye size and the results you are looking for.

Some women like smokey eyes whereas some consider dramatic makeup effects around the eyes. Here, we are specifically going to discuss dramatic eye makeup tips and tricks for women who believe in the latter concept. The guide below will bring you a keen knowledge on all the basics and fundamentals that you need to know in the case of dramatic eye makeup.

Guide to Advice on Dramatic Eye Makeup

Get the Shine

Where dramatic eye makeup is concerned, a lot of shine and shimmer will give you perfect results. Shimmer and metallic hues will work real wonders for you in this regard where eye shadows are concerned. A light color can be used as a base which can be topped with darker hues of shimmer content and then blended in perfectly with each other to get an even tone. This is one of the best ways to get a dramatic effect on the eyes.

Smoking Eyes is Important 

The eyes should have a smokey look when we talk about the dramatic effect of makeup. For the smokey eyes, fist use a primer base on the eye lids and blend it well on the skin. This will not only set the eye shadow but also keep the makeup proper and prim for prolonged periods of time.

Smokey Eyes

Now, next you should use an eye pencil to define and make the upper lash line more prominent. Make sure you stretch the line outside the brows as well and then using a cotton ball smears it to get a smokey effect. A light eye shadow followed by a medium color and then a dark hue should be then well used on the eye lids and blend in well. For a good highlight use the light shade of eye shadow and apply it to the area just under the brows.

Now follow it again with an eye pencil to redefine the lash line without smudging it this time. This will give it a deep and rich color. Now, curl the eye lashes using a curler and then follow it with two coats of mascara to add length and volume to the eye lashes. Make sure that the first coat of mascara is dry before you apply the second. This is the best way to get smokey eyes which totally triggers a dramatic eye makeup look you are longing for.

 Make the Eyes Pop

The eyes should always look big and large and you should work well on making it pop when it comes to dramatic eyes makeup. A dark shade of eye liner can be applied on the upper lash line and the lower lash line can be covered with a lighter shade from the same family of hues.

This is a trick that makes the eyes look largely beautiful. Don’t use the same color all over the eyes, this makes the eyes look smaller. You can also cover the inner corners of the eyes with a white eye liner pencil to make the eyes pop.

The Magic of Sparkle 

Sparkle eye makeup

For the mascara available nowadays and the volume it gives to the eye lashes without causing bumps, you really don’t need to use false eye lashes. To add sparkle, you can comb the lashes in between the applications and get good results.

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Keep the Lips Subtle

To make sure that your dramatic eyes catch the deserved attention of the people around, you really need to make sure that the lip makeup is kept at a subtle level. Use a light shade of lipstick or lip gloss to cover the lips so that it can divert the eyes to the dramatic look.

Use your Imagination and Creativity 

Since, dramatic makeup is all about the kind of eye shadow you use and the combination of shades you make, it is very much important to use your imaginations and creativity for the same.

Use your Imagination and Creativity

It is important to experiment new shades and see how well it looks on your eyes. You can practice them at home before applying it for any special night out. Herein, your skills will play a major role in giving you the desired outcomes that you want for dramatic eye makeup.

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