Tips for bodybuilding


bodybuildingtipsworkout To reach your target of a fabulous body there are certain things you have to keep in mind before starting out on your workouts which will help you reach your goal faster while at the same time keeping it safe.

First formulate a plan. Simply exercising for hours together without a plan does not produce any result. You will end up overworking and straining your muscles with minimal results.

Just plain working at the gym for long hours is not enough.  Plan your workout in a way that you spend an hour each day at the gym. Also do not work out every day. Rest for two to three days a week as it helps your muscles recover from the workout and hence be ready for the next workout.

Another important aspect to keep in mind while working on muscle building is to avoid exercises that burn muscles. If you are doing swimming, dancing, aerobics it is better to either reduce or stop these exercises completely as they burn away all your muscles and you will be unable to put on any muscle mass.

Maintain your weight training exercises and as far as possible stick to barbells, dumbbells and other equipments that help build your muscles rather than opting for cardio or muscle burning exercises.

Ensure that you eat the right foods. Change your diet and include foods that help you build muscles and avoid fatty foods. Ignoring this could cause you a great deal of loss.

Aerated drinks, junk oily food, fried food and other fatty food items are an absolute no. Instead eat plenty of vegetables and greens as it gets converted directly into energy and is extremely helpful for your workout. Other food items that you can include in your diet are fish, eggs, chicken, soya, lean red meats and small to moderate amounts of dairy products.

Avoid getting complacent with your workout. Your muscles tend to get accustomed to the routine if you do the same thing every day. Since you are comfortable with the exercise you might continue with the same exercises merely increasing the count or the sets and not using any variation in routine.

The main thing to keep in mind is once you get comfortable with a weight increase it and only then consider increasing the sets or repetition. This causes your muscles to get into action and not remain as they are. Hence it is essential to keep increasing the resistance factor as it helps build your muscles.


  • I am very slim & I want to make my body in a good shape , also want to make good health. I take all vegetables,eggs,milk proucts,meats,etc but I don’t gain the weight & health.

    Kindly suggest me what to do?

  • yudi

    hi.. i really need ur help. Im in depression due to my physical height is 5’4″ but weight is just 54 kg.i want to increase my height and weight waist is just 28 and i want to increase it to 32.

    Waiting for your suggetion !