Three Good Tips for Cardio


cardioweight There are lots of articles on cardio that seems very confusing. It is very similar to a diet plan and is totally the result of misconception caused of lots of opinions from different people who are not aware of it.

Cardio workouts can be intense or short and we can do it all with different machine types like treadmill and jump ropes. There are three steps which are very good workouts for cardio related exercises.

Cardio can be used as a tool since cardiovascular exercises are good for the heart and body metabolism. Weight training as well as weigh lifting can be more effective to make us slim and fit.

If our main intention is to build muscles and burning off excessive fat then we must stick to weight lifting and use cardio sparingly.

We can focus on muscle building to get slimmer rather than using a treadmill the whole day, which is a mere waste of time. Consider the simple example of bread cut with a saw.

It can be used to do the job quickly and then we can use a sharper knife to perfect the edges, which is like doing cardio exercises after doing weight lifting and stuff. This is like using cardio similar to a tool.

Cardio exercises must be done at regular intervals at the exact time, which works out well for us. If morning cardio is not suitable then we can switch to the suitable timing for us.

There are lots of studies, which discuss the optimal timing for doing cardio exercises, but most of them stress the point that it does not create much difference in the overall gain we can make.

When considering shedding excessive fat, we must do it at consistent intervals and it does not matter much when we do it. It’s advisable to do cardio after doing our weight lifting exercises. Because these exercises, require glycogen, which are body’s fuel available only for short term.

So, if we lose them first, then we cannot do weight workouts later. The fuel required for muscle workouts can be different and this should be done first followed by cardio so that we can get warmed up and we can use the excessive fat content in our body as energy, which can help reduce them.

We must always separate cardio sessions from our weight training session so that we have plenty of time between the two, and the most recommended time gap is 8 hours. It’s always good to have a nice diet with proteins and carbohydrates after weight workouts to promote muscle growth.

Cardio is always part of our fitness routine but should be used as a tool and supplemented along with weight workouts to have a sound mind and sound body.