Thigh Workouts


Most women have fat accumulation in body areas like the thighs and butt. They may be beauty conscious but they concentrate only the upper body and the thighs and butt get ignored. Thus, the dream of elegant thighs and a fatless butt once again fall in vain. There are systematic exercises to craft your body parts and given below are some of them.

Try it:

1.    It is recommended to walk at least 20-50 minutes a day, which will considerably burn your fat and reduce weight. Aerobics has a significant part. Quick walking and swimming also help to mould the thighs.

2.    Cycling is another option. You can have your real cycle or go to near gym and use the treadmill there. Minimum of 20-30 minutes cycling is required and initially, you should use lowest resistance as to avoid any muscle problems in the thighs.

3.    A cheap method to carry out the mission: skipping. Do skipping for minimum 15 minutes, which will turn your thighs to a toned form.

4.    Leg curls are useful as well. You have to use the required instrument, so go to the gym. Widen your legs and clip them on the foot grip as you lie down against the bench. For support, clutch on the handles which is at the side of the bench. Gradually curl up your legs and do it until your front thigh muscles are expanded and the muscles at the rear are constricted. Grasp for a few seconds and let go bit by bit. Depending on your relieve level, repeat the process.

5.    To tone up butt, you can follow these instructions. Clutch a chair in a way that the seat is directed away from you. Take rear support of the chair and do sit-ups. 15 to 20 sit-ups are really good and ensure that in every turning your butt is expanded and stretched. You can try this method even from home.

6.    For toning up the inner thighs, you can do this exercise. A stair case is the equipment and you start from the bottom. Stand against the railing with your back against it. Then take your right leg onto the first step in the side way manner. Again, the left leg onto second step. Like this climb up the stairs through sideways and you can feel the difference in a month’s time.