The Uses of Yoga for Weight Loss


Bikramyoga Using Yoga to lose weight

First, we need to consider the consequences and the risk if an individual decides to lose weight. Reducing heart beat rate to 65 percent of the person’s maximum heart beat rate is one way to lose weight.

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Indeed, an individual loses weight by exercising yoga. Yoga raises your heart beat rate satisfactorily and this leads us to the next query as to which style of yoga exercise raises your heart beat rate.

If one is too curious enough to do online research, we will find out several kinds of yoga styles with respective courses. However, our concern is which type of yoga is best for weight loss.

The three kinds of yoga for weight loss

First type of yoga for weight loss is an energetic and powerful form of yoga, Ashtanga. This type of yoga is composed of series of positions in chronological order with a certain rhythm, hence, the style is quite physically demanding in nature.

With the constant movement of your body from one position to the next position, your heart beat rate remains in a constant range, which is essential for burning fats in your body.

Therefore, Ashtanga is best for those people who want to lose weight in a matter of time.

Second best type for weight loss is an exercise focus on breathing movement. We call it Power yoga, which has lot of similarities with that of Ashtanga yoga, with the exemption that it does not tag on a set of series of positions.

Courses and positions differ from each other without order. Power yoga attracts individuals who practice yoga more for physical fitness, rather than spiritual quest.

Third best type of yoga for weight loss is the “hot yoga”, which is best manifested in a closed room with a temperature of 95 to 100 degree F. We call this kind of exercise as Bikram yoga. It is similar to Ashtanga and has 26 series of positions and involves a lot of physical activity like intense body stretching.

The key is to determine as to what goals you wish to attain in order to lose weight. Yoga, in general, includes one’s mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, it aims to strengthen every part of you and it is all up to your choice, as to which style you are going to opt for.