The Truth About Calories and Weight Loss


Weight Loss can be hard to achieve but with some simple facts at your finger tips, you will be equipped to make smart, common sense decisions to bring you the satisfaction of successful weight loss.

Calorie Facts

The food you consume every day has a calorie content which is a measure of energy acquired from the food. The normal number of calories used by a human body in one day ranges from roughly 1600 for people living a sedentary lifestyle, to 2800 for those who are physically very active and in peak health.

Maintaining Your Weight

To keep your weight at a constant level, you will need to supply your body with a calorie intake the same as the amount of energy being expended in your daily activities. If you expend 2000 calories per day and consume the same amount, your weight will stay stable.

Putting On Weight

Weight gain happens when the amount of energy we consume exceeds the amount of energy we expend. If we were to expend only 1500 calories per day, but consumed 2000, we would accumulate 3500 calories of stored energy in a week, which is the equivalent of 1 pound of fat.

Losing Weight

For successful weight loss, one needs to either reduce intake of calories to less than the daily energy expenditure, or increase their physical activity to a level where calories burnt are greater than the number of calories consumed.

As in the example above, if your daily expenditure of calories was 1500 and your intake was 2000, you could increase your expenditure by 500 calories through exercise, and reduce your consumption of calories by 500 to expend 500 calories more than the number consumed. This would result in weight loss of 1 pound of fat over a week.

Calorie Ratings

Look at weight loss literature in books and magazines for accurate listings of calories burnt in different exercise modes. This will also provide the calorie values of common food, or you can simply read the labels on food packages.

A successful weight loss plan will introduce both diet and exercise into your regime. If these changes can be implemented daily, you will soon start to see encouraging results. Knowing the bare facts of weight loss equips you with an understanding of what will really make a difference to your weight.