The Truth About Caffeine

How great is the smell of fresh coffee? So is the taste. Although you have to acquire it, once you do, you will not prefer otherwise. A great cup of coffee is a great starter for any day. You might be surprised that I am actually saying something good about coffee.

The truth is that we have abused this drink so much that all we can see is how bad it is. However, just like any other food, if taken in moderation, this can be a great way to start our day.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of this wonderful drink.

Boost of energy

This drink helps you get a boost of energy to do the mundane and boring tasks of everyday life. The caffeine actually sharpens your mental skills, like working with numbers or recognising words. One or two cups everyday will actually provide a necessary boost to your mind.

Fight muscle fatigue

Caffeine also is effective in fighting muscle fatigue. If you are going for some physically demanding task, then having a cup of coffee is a great idea.

Caffeine strengthens muscle contractions. It also helps to feel comfortable and speeds up the use of the muscles’ short-term fuel stores.

The bad part

There is some truth in what we hear around us about coffee. It is not all good. This, however, is true only if you do not control and over do it. You can suffer from diarrhoea, copious urination and even facial flushing.

In addition, caffeine is addictive in a way and the main problem with this is caffeine withdrawal. If a person goes from 2-3 cups everyday to no coffee suddenly, he is likely to develop headaches. A small number of coffee drinkers also suffer from more severe side effects like anxiety, light depression and fatigue.

The side effects and their intensity vary from person to person and so it is difficult to predict what amount of caffeine will trigger side effects.

Avoid the side effects

The best thing to do to avoid any side effects is keep your daily caffeine intake constant. If you are thinking of lowering your intake, then avoid going from 3 to nil, instead do so gradually. This will give your body time to adjust to the change.

Having coffee occasionally is not bad at all. In fact if you have never tried it, you should try it.

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