The truth about Aphrodisiac Foods


It is believed that certain foods have sexually stimulating effects, but it has not been proven that they increase the sexual libido. One such aphrodisiac food is oysters; initially it was believed that they increase the libido because its shape resemble the female sex organ but later on it was researched that oysters are rich in zinc, a mineral whose deficiency causes impotence in men. Since zinc controls progesterone level, oysters are believed to have a positive effect on one’s libido.

Another category of food which is supposed to be an aphrodisiac is the food which is of a sexually suggestive nature. Eggs and caviar remind one of the reproductive system. Some of the foods remind one of the sex organs, like asparagus, bananas, onions, carrots and oysters. The foods like apples, cherries, beans, grapes, leeks, ginger etc are also believed to have the power to increase the sexual libido.

Even alcohol is considered to be aphrodisiac. Maybe it relaxes the body and changes ones perception of things, which makes you do things which is not done in a normal situation. Some of the nuts are also believed to have aphoristic properties. Walnuts, pine nuts and cola nuts are included in this list. These nuts are also used to make love potions and serums. It is also believed that the smell of some nuts, like almonds, excite women. Even ginkgo nuts are believed to have this property.  Even coffee and chocolates are added in this list. Both of them contain caffeine which relaxes the body and it is usually mistaken for sexual arousal. There was a myth that celery has aphoristic properties. But today it has been researched that it contains androsterone, a hormone which is responsible for arousal in females.

Whether these foods affect the sexual urge or not, the psychological affect they produce is worth noticing. So, go ahead and try out different types of food stuff to make your sexual life more interesting. Maybe these myths also prove wonder for you and you and your partner. Therefore eating these can give you more enjoyment in your bed also.

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