The Threat of Fattening Office Snacks

Office Snacks

Office snacks are dangerous – be it a piece of birthday cake, baked cookies, banana bread for a get-together, or a new recipe being tried out by a colleague.  

Your office environment may have prolonged working periods, and goals or deadlines which can leave you stressed out and weary, making it impossible for you to resist snacks that come along often.

Also, when you are working with other members of the team, it is impossible to refuse when you are offered a snack. When habits are formed it becomes difficult to break them, more so when they are centered on eating snacks.

While you may fail to notice it in the beginning, you will soon realize that you have put on weight when your pants get tight and you feel they have become short.

You should convince everyone in the office that office snacks are bad for all of them. Even as more people are trying to go in for programs to lose weight, fattening snacks in the office should be avoided. However, if you are alone in resisting the junk snacks, you will find it difficult.

What you can do is challenge your colleagues to take a fitness test with you. Maybe you can hold a contest to lose weight, or form a walkers club after office hours. It would be nice to have your office staff participate in those charity walk-a-thons and marathons.

Such efforts can boost bonding with your colleagues and forming friendships within the office environs. When you become the organizer of these activities, your peers will look at you as an example. But even if you don’t succeed in converting your colleagues, don’t despair. After all, it is your own health which is important.

Though you may not succeed in stopping your colleagues from snacking at the office, you should stop for your own benefit. This can be easy, even if you have all around you people who indulge in snacking. Let the word go around that you will stop eating snacks at work.

You should convince them about your seriousness and seek their cooperation so that you will succeed. Although you may not succeed in making them give up snacking, you should not form the habit or if it has become a habit, give it up entirely.

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