The separation between love and sex

love-and-sex Are you living the single life? There are many different exciting possibilities out there. Sexual intercourse is enjoyed by many people as a casual thing. A popular attitude is one of carelessness and ease.

The decision with who to have sex and when, is often taken lightly. We see a rise in the trend of “free love.” This has lead to an increase in the separation between love and sex.

Love has nothing to do with sex?

As our society becomes less conservative and more into sexual exploration, we find ourselves with questions to answer. Firstly, is there a line that can be draw between love and sex?

Is it possible to have sexual intercourse with absolutely no emotions involved? I say that it is not possible. As human beings our every action is driven by our desires and our emotions.

If you are having emotionless sex, you are simply performing robotic actions. This is not what sex is like, right? We are all emotionally attached in some way. It makes sense that sex is one of the most passionate and emotionally involved things two (or more!) people can do together.

The line between love and sex.

The ever increasing difference that people see between love and sex is unhealthy. You must remember that sexual intercourse comes from your desires. You desire another person.

You want to be with them. Yes, you want to have sex with them. Is this all you want? It is a very popular trend to act like a “player”, drawing a line between sex and love.

The relationship between the two sexes is becoming one of cheap thrills and empty pleasures.

I find that the best sex comes when you really enjoy the other person. You enjoy the way they smell, the way they look, the way the feel. You enjoy being near them.

You want to make them feel good. If you are only thinking about yourself, perhaps you would be better off with a sex toy? If you are seeking another human being for a meaningful encounter, sex is the best. If you have a negative attachment to sexual intercourse – you are really missing out.