The Safety of FDA Approved Diet Pills

FDA Approved Diet Pills

These days people are using diet pills increasingly to lose their weight unmindful of the harm they can cause.

Since these pills can be easily bought from any store, be it a grocery or a health food store, or from internet pharmacies, people are believing these as some kind of magic tablets to get rid of their extra pounds.

But people should know that these diet pills come with their good share of side effects. FDA has clearly warned that these pills have a number of components like herb kava, bitter orange and usnic acid which can harmfully affect your body.

For getting rid of the extra weight on your body, you must ensure that you maintain your body in a healthy manner, making changes in your lifestyle habits, bringing exercise into your daily regimen, changing your diet and going for regular medical checkups. Given below are some of the health risks you will face when you use these diet pills.

Diet Pills and risks they carry

Bitter orange which is part of many of these tablets is also familiarly known as citrus naringin, which is known to boost heart-rate and clog the blood vessels. If you are also taking caffeine, imagine the effect this can have on your body.  This Bitter orange can also trigger high blood pressure and other risky heart arrhythmia.

Studies have revealed that the usnic acid which is a component of these diet tablets will result in toxicity of the liver and can even be fatal. Herb Kava is also known for this kind of liver toxicity potential.

These diet pills also have ephedrine and are peddled as lean or fat burners. Ephedrine can bring about a variety of sicknesses including seizures, strokes, depression, heart attacks, insomnia, nervousness and rapid heart rate and can even be fatal. This is known to dilate the muscles of bronchi and raise blood pressure levels.

Though some companies offer ephedrine-free diet pills, these can still have some side effects including boosting of heart beating rates, high blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, irritability, insomnia, dry mouth, anxiety and diarrhea. These diet pills are known to suppress your appetite resulting in lower intake of calories, which would mean reduction of your metabolic rate and also a reduced rate of weight loss.