The process of hardgaining


Hardgainers find it extremely difficult to increase their weight and muscles. For some people it is very easy to gain muscle through the process of hardgaining whereas it is exactly the opposite for others as they have to put in considerable effort towards it. Genes may be an important factor that stops you from gaining muscle from birth or you may simply lack the natural tendency to gain muscles and if you are one among those who has a major problem in gaining muscles, you will probably have to put in extra efforts. This would simply mean you have to follow certain key points and perform it differently.

You may call a person who is unable to gain muscle mass in spite of performing regular workouts at the gym and consuming huge quantities of food a hardgainer. You will surprisingly find people consuming up to 5,000 calories on a daily basis just to maintain their muscle mass in excess to the new muscle mass. For an average individual eating around 5,000 calories daily is simply a shortcut to a stout stomach.

One of the reasons for it is said to be fast metabolism, when eaten more reaches the maximum limit. In addition to these calories, it becomes very difficult to burn excessive calories through activities which means that intake of food will have absolutely no effect on a person’s size and weight. You might have noticed restless people. Such kind of people will be a hardgainer in the gym.

Luckily, these people who go through the process of hardgaining need to take into account few things in terms of their diet and training to overcome this issue to a certain extent.

The most important factor that a hardgainer needs to consider is the fact that his body will not be able to cope with the capacity in comparison to others. They need to go slow with their workout session and should restrict their sets to 10 repetitions in a single set.

Hardgainers should concentrate mainly on compound lifts and stop doing exercises that only help in burning calories in the body and utilize more energy that can be used in gaining muscle tissue.
In simple terms it means your program should include squats, lunges, deadlifts, military presses, rows of bent over and bench presses.