The Many Benefits Of Spinach

Benefits Of Spinach

Benefits Of Spinach

We all remember the iconic image of Popeye popping open a can of spinach whenever he needed an extra boost of energy. The second he swallowed the entire can of spinach than his muscles bulged and he was ready to take on the entire world.

The reality is that eating spinach won’t instantly turn you into the strongest person in the world, but eating it will make a noticeable difference in your overall health and well being.

Nutritional Facts

A single serving of spinach is a mere 20 calories, but those twenty calories are packed full of all sorts of good stuff. That single serving of spinach has 81 mgs of calcium, 2.3 mgs of protein, and 470 mgs of potassium. Spinach is also has significant amounts of Vitamins A, B, C, K, iron and protein.


The Secret to Eternal Youth

Beauticians sometimes call spinach the anti-aging vegetable. Eating regular servings of spinach will not only help you stop the effects of aging, it will also start to replace the collagen in your skin, making you appear even younger than before you started eating spinach.

 Secret to Eternal Youth

How Spinach is Helping Cure Cancer

Flavonoids are something that can be found in spinach that are extremely beneficial to the human body. In addition to slowing tooth decay and acting as an anti-inflammatory, flavonoids are useful for shrinking tumors. The flavonoids in spinach also act as anti-oxidants.

Spinach is Helping Cure Cancer

Maintaining a Constant Blood Sugar Level

Spinach can be used to make a special drink that will make easier for diabetics to control their blood sugar. Just take a handful of fresh spinach and add it to three cups of water. Set your stove to its lowest heat and allow the spinach to simmer for an hour. Strain the spinach, allow the liquid to cool, and drink the water. Drinking just half a cup of the spinach water daily will go a long way towards stabilizing your blood sugar.

Constant Blood Sugar Level

Don’t Waste any Time

The down side to spinach is that it doesn’t take very long before its start to loose its nutritional value. After just one week in the refrigerator, spinach will have lost have of it’s nutrients. Plan your weekly menu so that your spinach is as fresh, and healthy, as it can be.