The link between good sex and good health.

dv2174037 Health is important. Many of us believe that we need to strive for good health. Health is a difficult goal to achieve. It seems impossible in the face of never ending aches, pains, headaches and other problems.

However, many people view sex as an easy, free thing. It is not difficult to get and it is not special. This is the way our society is starting to think. It is not healthy.

Many people make life a chore.

You need to remember that life does not have to be difficult. Everything you see and feel is processed through your brain. If you make life into a difficult game, a game to be won, you might be missing some of the best parts of living.

The best things in life often come from striving to achieve our goals.

Often the goals themselves are not the best part. This can be the same with sex if we have the wrong attitude. You might have the goal of getting sex.

However, if you are only ever focused on this goal, you will find yourself missing out on the fun of the journey. Life is not about a pre determined destination and neither is sex. It is about excitement, adventure and seeking out something new.

Sex is just that – sex: it’s not a game.

If you are attaching too many expectations to sex, you might be missing the bigger picture. Sexual intercourse is one of the most enjoyable things a human being can do.

We are one of the only species on the planet that actually enjoys sex. That’s right, the rest of the species on the planet do it because they need to. If you are going around treating sex like a chore or a thing that’s “gotta be done”, you need to reassess your beliefs.

Everything in life has been turned into a competition. You need to try and impress your boss. You have to impress your friends, their friends, you partner’s friends, your family.

When you go outside, you dress up to impress strangers. You need to pay the rent, pay the bills, car payments, taxes, the list goes on and on. Does this sound like too much pressure?

Then let’s all take the pressure away from sex. Sex is about pleasure, passion, love – yes love – and closeness. If you are using sex as a “means to an end” while not thinking about what it’s really about – you are missing the point.