The Importance of Strength Training


testosteronesupplements Strength training is an optimal way to build more lean muscle mass. Strength training involves adding resistance to the muscle groups as you workout. Through strength training you will not only gain lean muscle mass, but you will as a result of building muscle, burn fat more effectively.

If you are new to working out then you need to incorporate strength training into your routine.

As with any exercise regime, if you are new to exercising, you should speak with your doctor first about your goals. Your doctor will give you the okay or not to go ahead with your plans of becoming leaner and healthier.

Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor you are ready to hit the gym. When you get to the gym you will need to find a personal fitness trainer or other staff member who can show you how to properly lift weights and work the machinery.

If you lift the weights incorrectly you risk injury to yourself. A personal fitness trainer will show you how to properly use the weights and design a plan of the amount of weight you should be lifting and the repetitions during each session.

In the beginning, your workout routine should rotate three times a week, every other day. All of the muscle groups should be worked at the end of these three days.

Each day should be dedicated to a specific muscle group. Take a day off in between workouts to allow the muscle groups to recover. Do a couple of exercises per muscle group.

Break the exercises down into reps and sets. Start off with two sets of eight repetitions and build your way up to sixteen repetitions for each set. If you are new to strength training try the machines first. They will provide you with more stability.

Once you get into your exercise routine slowly add more repetitions or heavier weights. Don’t overdo your workout to the point of hurting yourself. The focus at first should be on using the proper form.

Once you have that down you can increase your weight. Give it about six weeks before switching up your routine and making it more intense.