The Ideal Meal


One of the major problems face by each one of us today is eating and maintaining the time table for proper meal. As time is less and work demand is more, many of us tend to skip food and grab fast foods. We act smart and clever enough in other field however, when it’s about food most of us try to take secondarily without realizing how much damage it can do to our health and mental work.

Your day should begin with a bunch of fresh breakfast with fresh fruits and vegetables. An egg a day and a glass of milk a day should be your first meal in the morning. If you want your day to go smoothly and healthily take heavy and healthy breakfast in the morning at home rather than grabbing junk foods from the roadside. These days most of the time people give excuse of their busy scheduled, no time and this and that blab la…
However, if you can take out atleast ten minutes out of 12 hours for you health is the ideal way of treating yourself healthy enough.

Your afternoon meal can contain light foods, if you are still full, you can opt for a light meal or lunch. This will keep you healthy and prolong your age. If the intake of food is good, you may not suffer from stress and depression. Two third of the population is suffering from these two problems. So eating good food in time will benefit your mind and body.

Don’t take food from outside unless you know the place very well. Instead come back home and eat home cooked food and stay fit. Take your dinner early; you will not gain weight if you are the one who is conscious about adding weight. Eat less in dinner. Thus, health is wealth maintain it.

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